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Building a Partnership for a Comprehensive Web & Brand Design Project

The Nebraska Department of Health & Human Service had a tall order for the PLAY Creative team last year: Create a logo and brand that encompassed several programs that would be represented on their new website. Then, we’d create that website to house information for all the necessary programs.

Creating a website and brand that catered to many groups and users was a challenge, but we saw it as an opportunity to inform the design. The logo’s many colors represent the many services and departments under one umbrella, which then became translatable to branding across various print and digital media down the road.

When it came to the Partners N Health website, it not only had to be user-friendly for a wide range of audiences, it also had to be designed in a way that was easily navigated by members of these groups. Finally, the site had to be entirely accessible and usable by the visually impaired.

Our initial discovery and development processes came in especially handy when working with the DHHS, and it quickly became apparent after working with several different departments within the organization. We made the most of in-person meetings early on in order to flush out the key points we would use in messaging and design from department to department.

Determining early on who the audience was and how we would communicate with them also proved crucial over the course of the project. It also gave the PLAY team the strong footing we’d need in developing an overall brand that truly spoke to its target demographics.

Execution of the project began with developing relevant messaging for these various departments. Then, we dove into brainstorming ideas for the new logo, imagery and iconography, all of which went through extensive internal proofing and multiple channels of approval through the DHHS.

With our refined marketing strategy and brand foundations in place, web design came next in the process. When it comes to web builds, our process factors in multiple progress checks with our clients, allowing us to receive feedback and pivot as needed.

We started with a website design wireframe that prioritized ease of use and navigation by any potential user. The sheer amount of information involved that we needed to integrate into the website made the web design a fun challenge for us, but several rounds of thorough internal critiques helped us efficiently get the design to the point we were excited about.

To make the site an asset that DHHS employees could easily update to leverage future updates, we created it on a WordPress platform. Creating it on a user-friendly platform like WordPress allows them to easily update content and images, and the plug-ins we put in place helped the site’s searchability.

We also had to be considerate of various demographics when developing the logo, which began at the same time as the web development. Ultimately, all phases of the project came together under a cohesive brand that represented a lot of people and a lot of information.

The finished project included:
• Brand development
• Logo design
• Comprehensive web and UX design
• Visually impaired website readability interface


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