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Nescafè Brightens The Morning With Conversation

The morning is a solitary thing. Everyone is grumbling and groggy, isolated at their desks as they try to get their gears turning. But Nescafè wanted to change things, so they developed a mailer to help people come together with warm conversation and warm coffee. The Nescafè Pop-Up Cafè mailers were part of a protective jacket for… Read more »

Toronto Gives a Warm Welcome

2015 is here, and we figured that we would welcome the new year by highlighting a campaign that was a welcome gift itself. To celebrate the arrival of two Pandas, Er Shun and Da Mao, and the opening of their Panda exhibit, the Toronto Zoo worked with Canadian agency Cundari to develop these adorable mailers…. Read more »

Dutch Agency Gets Sassy With Marketing

Brick House, an advertising agency in The Netherlands, is like many other ad agencies around the world in at least one way, they constantly have their work scrutinized and derided by people and companies who think that they could do just as well without the agency’s help. So Brick House decided to help agencies who… Read more »

Don’t Count Print Out

We’ve disputed the claim that print is dead before on our blog, but we never miss an opportunity to remind everyone that print advertising is still one of the most potent forms of advertising. An article was published on the site Business 2 Community that further exalts PLAY’s favorite medium. The article touches on 6… Read more »

Reebok knows that CrossFitters Love Bacon

It’s only slightly hyperbolic to say that everyone loves bacon. Some of bacon’s biggest fans are the CrossFit community. So when Reebok wanted to tap into the CrossFit market, they knew their opportunity would be hosting the 2014 CrossFit Games. And to ensure the CrossFit community would be on board, they sent out the greatest gift… Read more »


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