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Making a Microscopic Difference

How do you get your product in front of scientists who have their face up to a microscope lens all day? You make your product get down to their level. That was the thought behind 3M and Maruri Grey’s 500 Nanometer Mailer campaign. Production giant 3M needed to get more scientists in Ecuador using their… Read more »

Print isn’t dead, and we’ve got the proof!

It’s almost a certainty that at some point you’ve heard someone say that print advertising is dead, or at least dying. But the people who say that don’t realize how wrong they are! Here at PLAY, we focus on creative and eye-catching print campaigns, so we thought we’d share with you an interesting article on… Read more »

Nuvali’s Edible Invitations

On the island of Luzon in the Philippines, in the province of Laguna, there is a town called Calamba. In Calamba, there is a revolutionary new community called Nuvali, focused on sustainability and harmony with nature. One of their biggest attractions is a man-made lake inhabited by thousands of koi fish. To get people and… Read more »

Creative Share

Every Wednesday at PLAY, we huddle up for ten minutes to discuss creative work we’ve seen recently that inspires us. Sometimes it’s great design, a television ad or a really clever marketing strategy. Seeing as it’s Wednesday, we thought we’d share a few of our favorites with you. Here it goes:

Youtube vs. Vimeo

Choosing the right platform to share videos can have a major influence on their success. Many channels are intended for a specific purpose or dictate content with short time limits, like Instagram and Vine. But two major platforms give users the freedom to post lengthy content: YouTube and Vimeo. So what’s the difference? We did… Read more »


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