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Press Relief | Ep. 7

Creating meaningful connections between our clients and their audiences is what drives the PLAY team. Watch as Tom Henning; Chairman, President and CEO of Assurity Life Insurance Company describes his experience working with our team to launch the company’s “125 Years of AMAZING!” campaign, celebrating their 125th anniversary. If you missed our features on the campaign,… Read more »

From dielines to details: technology that brings our vision to life.

Walk through our doors on any given day and you’ll hear words like “dielines” and “folds” and “mock-up” more than once. Okay, you’ll probably hear at least one of them more than a dozen times. Words like these have become terms of endearment around here. These folds and dielines are part of a unique design,… Read more »

Crossing Our T’s and Dotting Our I’s

There’s a process to everything. Think about it…when you make a sandwich for lunch, you follow a process. Bread first then, layer the mayo, meat, cheese, lettuce and tomato. Finally, you add that last slice of bread. It doesn’t seem like much, but chances are that if you change course part way through, that sandwich… Read more »

Press Relief | Ep. 5

As we’ve gone through our previous episodes of Press Relief, we’ve covered how to create eye-catching print pieces. For our fifth episode, we’re going to detail about how we zero-in on the ideal campaign message and audience, and how we find out exactly how many eyes we’ve caught with our campaigns. In this episode, PLAY CEO Aaron… Read more »


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