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Going for the extra point with prospective clients.

Breaking the ice. If you think about it, we all have a way of making a connection with someone new. For our team it means presenting our expertise in a fun and engaging way. To break the ice, we create dynamic pieces you can actually PLAY with. Our “Smart Calling” process starts by qualifying a… Read more »

Reaching Larger Audiences Through Interactive Print Design

When it comes to video surveillance, seeing is believing. So when Kidwell tasked us with creating an informative parcel to support the efforts of its sales team, providing information in an intriguing, impactful way was key. Kidwell’s IP-based video surveillance systems create high-resolution imaging so that employers can clearly keep an eye on their business… Read more »

Engaging Your Senses Through Dynamic Print

Good print unfolds like a good conversation. One that engages you, grabs your curiosity, isn’t long winded, listens to your desires, and closes in a saavy way, leaving you with something to hold onto. It plays with your senses, and invites you to invest your emotions in it. The piece featured below is a direct… Read more »

Our Legacy of Work

The Legacy Retirement Community is an assisted living community dedicated to helping the elderly of Lincoln live healthy and fun lives in their advancing age. They genuinely care about their tenants and go the extra mile in making sure they are happy and comfortable, providing meals prepared by 5-star chefs, live music performances, game nights, shopping outings and… Read more »

Thrive With PLAY

Last month the PLAY Team undertook a project to help our sales staff interact more efficiently with prospective clients. The project was to help them qualify prospects so they could focus more on turning them into leads and booking meetings. The campaign was successful, so we thought we’d show it off!


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