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The PLAY Zine Show Is Right Around The Corner!

Maybe you think zine-making isn’t for you. Maybe you think it’s too difficult or too artsy or too something-outside-of-your-skill-set. To those worries we say: dear readers, zines are for everyone. Check out some of our favorite recent zines:

June 3rd Zine Show at PLAY

We’ve been whipping up designs for our June 3rd Zine Show. In case you’re not familiar with zines, here’s a quick (and certainly incomplete) hiztory! Zines—think magazines—are self-published booklets. As printing methods became more accessible in the last 300 years, so did self-publishing. In the 18th century a zine (aka pamphlet) titled “Common Sense” helped… Read more »

Corned beef, beer…and scarves!?

When it comes to celebrating, regardless of the occasion, the PLAY team is all in. Our crew, sporting varying shades of green, took on St. Patty’s Day with gusto. We strolled into Tam O’shanters over lunch to indulge in corned beef and cabbage and enjoy some Irish beer. Coming back to the office stuffed and… Read more »

A Merry Carol from PLAY

Though Lincoln skies refuse us snow, our kitchen’s packed with cakes and bows. Huge thanks to our vendors for the seasonal treats! Come share our sweets! (the booze we shall keep)

Thanksgiving Potluck at PLAY

All month we’ve been bustling with holiday orders, but today we took a break to celebrate Thanksgiving as a team. Our potluck-style feast boasted of sugared ham, a 20 lb turkey!, several types of veggies, rolls, and of course, pumpkin pie. During the prep we stepped on our mascot Heineken, broke the microwave, and stuffed ourselves with… Read more »


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