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Our Task

To further support its sales team, Kidwell asked PLAY to create a memorable and attention-grabbing print piece to assist in selling video surveillance systems.

Current video surveillance is more complex than ever. It’s mobile, has robust data storage and search capabilities, and can be integrated into your phone. Kidwell’s IP-based surveillance systems allow for high-resolution imaging and direct integration into existing network setups.

In order to attract and educate video surveillance consumers, Kidwell sought out a print piece capable of communicating complex information while showcasing bold imagery.

Our Solution
Because Kidwell is better known for other services, our first challenge to gaining surveillance system clients was to inform prospects of its availability. Companies know the importance of security, but likely think their current security measures are sufficient. We highlighted all of the areas in which Kidwell’s security systems outshine the competition.
The principal advantage Kidwell surveillance has over other providers is picture quality, so the theme of our campaign was focus. All copy and images spoke to video clarity and definition.
We created a dynamic box mailer with imagery contrasting Kidwell’s high-resolution production with the competition’s low-resolution offerings. The package also displayed examples of Remote Viewing and Pan/Tilt/Zoom camera controls, providing strong visuals and support data to seamlessly educate the reader while highlighting Kidwell’s strengths. By using a dynamic mailer with foldouts and a pull out drawer, we provided recepients with a memorable experience tied to the product concept. As noted on the drawer’s base: Kidwell surveillance will have you covered from all angles.


Of the 2,500 printed boxes, 250 have been delivered so far. Of those 250 deliveries, Kidwell saw an eight percent response rate and have already gained a new client, which more than compensated for the initial investment. Even more, the dynamic parcel re-energized the sales team and fostered communication with larger companies, further expanding Kidwell’s reach. Ultimately, the boxes opened the door to new opportunities the sales team can pursue with confidence.

See images of the mailer in our Gallery.




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