99.999% Awesome!


We love designing logos. It’s a way of taking all a company is—its culture, history, and goals—and condensing it into one symbol. So we were happy when our friends over at Five Nines came to us with the opportunity to redesign their logo. We figured we’d take this opportunity to give you a sneak-peek at our design process and what we take into consideration when creating a new logo.

The name Five Nines refers to 99.999% uptime, which is the closest an IT company can get to perfection. It’s both a reminder of why they started the company and the type of service they strive to provide. With this in mind, we considered dynamic and upward-moving designs that would demonstrate where Five Nines comes from and where they’re headed. Their three-part motto—“Solve. Secure. Advance.”—was also a big inspiration. It gives insight into the process Five Nines follows and the results their clients receive. We came up with many different designs, but our “Rise” design is the one that made the cut. It exemplifies Five Nines’ roots, the company it strives to be, and its motto. Be sure to watch the Five Nines’ video unveiling their awesome new logo.