A Logo Design 20 Years in the Making

Unite Private Networks creates custom, high-bandwidth fiber optic communications networks, and they’ve been in business for 20 years. To honor their 20 year milestone, the company asked PLAY Creative to develop a mark that covers a few bases.

UPN was looking for a mark that could be used with their existing logo, fit in with their brand and integrated actual elements of physical fiber networking hardware into the art.

The linework mimics actual fiber lines and the use of three strokes is emblematic of the company’s physical infrastructure—multiple lines create network redundancy that actually adds security and reliability to the network. Of course, the mark had to work within UPN’s established brand standards.

These are precisely the kind of details that the PLAY team specializes in weaving into logos and other graphics.

The process of crafting UPN’s 20-year logo is a great example of the mountains of communication, inspiration and iteration that goes into creating a mark that can exist within the context of an existing brand but still stand out.