An Introduction to Google Analytics

12/12/2013|New Technology|

Google Analytics have transformed how we understand demographic information from visitors to our sites. With a wide variety of information available to sift through, here are some of the top uses for Google Analytics:

1) General Overview
The Overview from Google Analytics allows you to view a brief summary of important data within a given timeframe. The number of visits, pageviews, unique visitors and even average visit duration are all viewable in the dashboard. This snapshot gives you a solid idea of how people have responded to press releases, social media pushes and overall site visitations.

2) Geo Location
One of the coolest features of Analytics is the ability to see where, geographically, visitors to your site are coming from. Looking to expand business? You can see company site interest by country, state and city.

3) Visitor Flow
A great way to understand how visitors are engaging your website is to take a look at their Web flow. The Visitor Flow dashboard gives insight into behavior. Did visitors leave after looking at your homepage? Did they click into popular portions of the page? Seeing behavior and engagement analytics can also be transformed into a more complex version of A/B testing.

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