An Ivy League Print Piece for CUA

PLAY Creative provides branding for Credit Union of America (CUA). Chartered in 1935, and originally named “Wichita City Teachers Credit Union,” CUA’s initial membership was exclusive to teachers. It wasn’t until 1974 that the current name was adopted and membership opened to non-educators.

Recently CUA reached out to its original member base—teachers—and asked PLAY to create a mail piece with educator appeal, while adhering to the CUA brand’s look and feel. Our task was to create an ad offering a $100 bonus for teachers and school staff who open a new checking account, and to get that ad into teachers’ hands.


We hit the books to design a dynamic pop-up piece with the headline: Looking for extra credit? When recipients open the mailer, they encounter additional bold copy and a green $100 bill pop-up. To ensure teachers received this message, we didn’t simply send them through the mail; we placed them in teachers’ drop boxes where they were sure to be picked up.


Not only was CUA pleased with our creative design and distribution solution, they received a great response from educators. Our dynamic mailer made gaining teacher accounts as easy as ABC.