Sup Family Brand Discovery & Refinement: Interview Questions

Sup Brand Discovery

These questions are designed to help us discover where the brand is currently at, what you want it to look like and how we’ll begin to shape it.

The questions are broken down into 8 key categories: ASSETS, EMPLOYEES, BUSINESS & OPERATIONS, DRIVE, VISION, BRAND PERSONALITY, CUSTOMERS and STORY. Each category has its own form for you to submit, so you don’t have to complete all 8 categories at once. You can submit sections one at a time, too.

Once you complete a category, just click the SUBMIT button and all the data will be stored on our server. If you need to stop and save your progress, click the orange “Save and Continue Later” link under the SUBMIT button in each section. You’ll enter your email and will automatically be sent a link to revisit the form (with your saved progress) and continue it later.

If you have any questions or there are any fields you don’t understand fully, please don’t hesitate to reach out for clarification.

Let’s begin!

Brand Discovery (Owners) Questions: ASSETS

Brand Discovery (owner) Questions: EMPLOYEES

Brand Discovery (Owners) Questions: BUSINESS & OPERATIONS

  • Answer here as it pertains to the Property realm, both commercial and residential, as well as any economic development/community building initiatives.
  • Answer here as it pertains to the Tech realm, separated by each tech company.

Brand Discovery (Owners) Questions: DRIVE

  • Your mission? Your promise to customers? Your promise to your employees? Your social purpose? Your vision for the future?
  • Do employees know that? Do customers know that? What would you like them to be?
  • Do your companies stand for anything? Are you comfortable with companies expressing what they stand for through the brand?

Brand Discovery (Owners) Questions: VISION

  • In other words, describe what a perfect world looks like when you've successfully helped customers improve their lives in any given market.

Brand Discovery (Owners) Questions: BRAND PERSONALITY

Many of the questions in this section will help us determine how refined some of the underlying traits of the brand are. You may find some of these questions are quite difficult to answer at this point in the process, and that's OK. A lot of these questions simply cannot be answered yet. If you're not sure how to answer any of them, leave them blank, and that will help us measure how much we need to develop that particular aspect of the brand.
    Think phone greetings, email signatures, website tone/voice, in-person communication, etc.
    Another way to think of this question would be: What do Sup companies help customers achieve or find by improving their lives?
  • This could include the voice, the attitude, the culture, etc.
  • Another way approach this question would be thinking about a brand you consistently engage with, and why. Also think about marketing clichés or tropes that bother you!
  • There are no right or wrong answers or categories here. Include anything that you'd say inspires you as business owners.
  • Either just as a person or as a business owner.
  • Don't think of this question from a business operations standpoint, but rather from a personality standpoint.

Brand Discovery (Owners) Questions: CUSTOMERS

We'll learn a lot more about the customers and what makes them tick during the process of developing buy personas for each sub-brand. These questions will help us create positioning for the brand and a strategy for how we want it to be perceived by customers.
  • Write anything that comes to mind for as many Sup companies as you can think of. There are no right or wrong answers here.
  • Include descriptions for as many companies as you can!
  • Include whether you think it is happening successfully or not.
  • Do you believe that brand association brings clear value to customers of the companies? If so, how?

Brand Discovery (Owners) Questions: STORY

We'll need lots of details and information including (but not limited to) significant milestones and historical moments and their dates, photographs, news clippings, anecdotes and anything tangible that played a role in shaping these companies. We'll compile those over the course of our discovery phase. If at any time you think of a detail, a story or a date that you think might be important, send it to aaron@playcreativedesign.com.
  • What reasons can you provide as to why people engaged with the brand should care?
  • Whatever comes to mind is correct!