17 04, 2019

5 Tips for Effective Landing Pages


Well-built landing pages aren't just a surefire way to increase digital marketing conversions, they can provide a treasure trove of valuable data and insight about your customers. And yet, less than a quarter of companies are satisfied with the results from their landing pages, according to Impact. With companies [...]

29 10, 2018

The Ad Grid: A Semi-Scientific Method for Creating Ads

10/29/2018|Expertise, Our Process|

Modern advertising has to balance creativity and data-driven strategy to be truly great. Executing an idea based on intuition or gut feelings just doesn’t cut it anymore. Ads driven solely by unbridled creativity can be interesting, but they typically don’t perform well. Similarly, ads driven only by strategy might be [...]

11 10, 2018

How to Create Higher Ed Emails That Convert

10/11/2018|Expertise, Higher Education, Our Process|

Connecting with college prospects over email keeps getting tougher each day. Luckily there are a handful of proven tactics for creating emails that every person in higher education should know. When you combine these tactics with our demographic knowledge and design expertise, you get the PLAY Creative roadmap for creating [...]

22 08, 2018

How Colleges Can Increase ROI by Outsourcing Creative

08/22/2018|Expertise, Higher Education, Our Process|

Higher education institutions face a dangerous intersection of shrinking budgets and growing student expectations. When you combine this with the specter of trillions in student debt looming over the country, many colleges feel like they’re barreling toward a high-speed collision at this intersection. A budget squeeze is happening at schools [...]

24 07, 2018

In Higher Education Marketing, Innovation Beats Emulation

07/24/2018|Expertise, Higher Education|

In 2017, PLAY Creative crafted a drip campaign for Southeast Community College in Lincoln that moved 240 prospects from a lead list down a marketing funnel into a lead campaign. The original list’s size? 250 names. That’s good for 96% conversion. We’ve seen campaigns go gangbusters and other campaigns fall [...]

13 07, 2018

How to Bring Some Sizzle to Your Drip Campaigns

07/13/2018|Expertise, Higher Education|

Reaching college prospects for enrollment marketing is a young man’s game—literally. It takes time, the right communication channels, multiple touch points and a near-insane level of planning and strategy. Here in Ad Land, you might know this idea by its common name: A drip campaign. The Student-Steak Paradox The combination [...]

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