13 11, 2014

Making a Microscopic Difference

11/13/2014|New Technology|

How do you get your product in front of scientists who have their face up to a microscope lens all day? You make your product get down to their level. That was the thought behind 3M and Maruri Grey's 500 Nanometer Mailer campaign. Production giant 3M needed to get more scientists in Ecuador using their Petrifilm brand microscope sample plates. But most labs were sticking with brands they had been using traditionally for quite some time. Maruri Grey had to get creative in order to sell them their product. So they used a powerful laser to create a sales pitch that was only 500 nanometers tall. If you're not familiar with nanometers, the message was 0.0005 centimeters tall or about the size of a single bacterium. Promotional mailers were sent out to Ecuadorian biology labs, complete with sample Petrifilm plates with a message inscribed on them in microscopic scale. The message promoted how efficient the plates were, shaving off 4 seconds per procedure and providing a 45% increase in overall productivity in laboratories that used them. After the mailers were sent out, recipients were interviewed about the minuscule mailers. They found that the scientists were delighted and surprised to see a message [...]

23 10, 2014

Print isn’t dead, and we’ve got the proof!

10/23/2014|New Technology|

It’s almost a certainty that at some point you’ve heard someone say that print advertising is dead, or at least dying. But the people who say that don’t realize how wrong they are! Here at PLAY, we focus on creative and eye-catching print campaigns, so we thought we’d share with you an interesting article on the subject of print advertisements to prove there are still great results from print! […]

16 10, 2014

Nuvali’s Edible Invitations

10/16/2014|New Technology|

On the island of Luzon in the Philippines, in the province of Laguna, there is a town called Calamba. In Calamba, there is a revolutionary new community called Nuvali, focused on sustainability and harmony with nature. One of their biggest attractions is a man-made lake inhabited by thousands of koi fish. To get people and businesses talking about their new community, they sent out invitations to visit. But instead of sending out cards that would just be thrown away, they took a different approach: They made their invitations out of a special blend of materials that are entirely digestible by the fish. Not only that, but they made six different styles of invitation themed after the six most numerous breed of koi in the lake. So when visitors would come to see the new community, they could feed their invitations piece-by-piece to the koi, making happy fish instead of wasted paper.     This is an impressive idea that drives home the feeling of harmony and balance that Nuvali is embracing as a community. Going the extra mile and theming the invitations after the different breeds of koi in the lake to educate visitors about the koi gives it even [...]

25 09, 2014

Creative Share

09/25/2014|New Technology|

Every Wednesday at PLAY, we huddle up for ten minutes to discuss creative work we’ve seen recently that inspires us. Sometimes it’s great design, a television ad or a really clever marketing strategy. Seeing as it’s Wednesday, we thought we’d share a few of our favorites with you. Here it goes: […]

17 09, 2014

Youtube vs. Vimeo

09/17/2014|New Technology|

Choosing the right platform to share videos can have a major influence on their success. Many channels are intended for a specific purpose or dictate content with short time limits, like Instagram and Vine. But two major platforms give users the freedom to post lengthy content: YouTube and Vimeo. So what’s the difference? We did a little research to find the distinction. […]

9 09, 2014

Insect Insight/Insect In Sight – A Photographic View From A Tallgrass Prairie

09/09/2014|New Technology|

Photos and Description by Britton Bailey These photographs were taken over a three year period from 2007 to 2010 at Spring Creek Prairie. My love of nature-focused photography has grown over the years as I dedicate more and more time to explore. Spring Creek Prairie has played a big part in this process and has offered an endless supply of nature to photograph. As a family, we spent countless hours discovering the nooks, ravines and woodlands along the flowing tall grass hills of Spring Creek Prairie.  […]

5 06, 2014

Our Web Development Environment | PLAY Creative

06/05/2014|New Technology|

Web development comprises a large amount of our work here at PLAY. Every business, both large and small, should consider a website or an updated standards-compliant website so they can be found easily. We’ve recently implemented a new development environment within our Web department that makes coding a more approachable task for our complex site builds. […]

21 05, 2014

Improving SEO

05/21/2014|New Technology|

There’s a lot of buzz around the term “SEO” right now. At PLAY, we understand that everyone wants to know how they can ensure their site will turn up in an online search. We thought we’d offer some quick tips for improving your search engine optimization: 1) Have a look over Google’s SEO standards and practices. This is really the ultimate guidebook in figuring out how to best improve your searchability. Use this, and you’ll be found easily. 2) Utilize an SEO plugin on your website’s CMS to manage SEO keywords and descriptions. Each page on your website should have a description of what exists on that page, so when it is indexed by search engines, it gives an accurate (and easier-to-find) snippet of content to display. 3) Use Web-friendly content, copy and accurate title tags. Put your writing skills to use to improve your SEO by name dropping your company, its type of work within its respective industry and make sure that your headline tags are used correctly. 4) Update your site often. Using a blog or an area where content is continuously updated helps search engines find your website; especially when the content uses your company’s name or [...]

15 05, 2014

Design Blogs to Follow

05/15/2014|New Technology|

Design is a huge piece of what we do at PLAY. It’s important to us not only to exercise our own skills, but also to be knowledgeable and up to date on what other designers are creating. Plus, it’s cool to look at. There’s a number of design blogs on the Internet. So many, in fact, that sifting through them can be daunting. We’ve asked our designers, Emily and Peter, to offer suggestions on which blogs are the best follow. Here’s what Emily had to say: […]

31 03, 2014

We’re Joining the Voice over IP Crowd

03/31/2014|New Technology|

Recently, we’ve decided its time for us to better our system of communications for both us, and our clients. After doing some research on companies and plan tiers, we have selected to go with a Voice over IP (VoIP) system for a number of reasons: […]

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