21 11, 2016

PLAY Around Town

11/21/2016|Our Work|

Spreading a little PLAY across town. While we have a special knack for dynamic handcrafted print campaigns, the PLAY team’s talent extends into all facets of communications. And if you look around the next time you head downtown or even venture out on 84th Street, there’s a good chance you’ll see some of our work. Starting downtown, you might see our Zipline Brewery poster from the Beer Nebraska event, which was held earlier this fall. This project included iconography and graphics that brought together the local music scene and area brewers. Then heading across town, you’ll see billboards showcasing (2016 loan campaign shown above) Lincoln First Credit Union on 48th and 84th Streets. These easy-to-spot pieces complement the company’s brand and help support its messaging. Further adding to its appeal to families, Lincoln First Credit Union also sponsors the play zone at Gateway Mall (Shown bottom of page). It’s bold brand elements and messaging can be seen from corner to corner of this unique area of the mall. One brand that can be seen everywhere is Apple Roofing. We had the opportunity to brand this incredible business and develop their logo. Who knows, the next time you find yourself sitting at [...]

31 10, 2016

Bringing Talent to Lincoln One Click at a Time

10/31/2016|Our Work|

We know Lincoln’s a great city. You might know that too. But drawing talent to Lincoln is an ongoing need. Teaming with Lincoln’s Partnership for Economic Development (LPED), we recently launched a website to further illustrate all that Lincoln has to offer, from housing and education to jobs and recreation. Essentially, the website brings the Relocation Guide to life. Integrating user-focused navigation, video and a host of resources, the site demonstrates the energy and sense of community that exists across this growing city. Bold colors and graphics further support the youthful, progressive feeling of the current Lincoln branding. And simple iconography easily guides viewers to various areas of the site to help them find the information they need quickly. Similarly, content is organized to elevate the user experience. Action-oriented, clean navigation guides visitors across key areas of interest, including quality of life, education, housing and recreation. Resources such as real estate agents, job openings and a calendar of events are prominent and easy access to additional information. Translating a traditional, multi-page print piece into an interactive experience, we’re able to showcase some of Lincoln’s greatest assets in ways that resonate with people considering relocating to the area.

29 09, 2016

Brews, Bands and Unfiltered Creativity

09/29/2016|Our Work|

Zipline Brewery approached the PLAY team several months ago to help promote a new event in Lincoln. Partnering with Hear Nebraska, the brewery wanted to launch an event that would bring Nebraska’s local craft beer and music communities together. Thus, Beer Nebraska was born… and we were given the awesome opportunity to develop the event’s promotional materials, including: iconography, posters, koozies, t-shirts, the backdrop for the bands, and additional creative content. The materials bring music and beer together using clean, bold graphics and muted tones. The inaugural Beer Nebraska was an incredible success, and we’re already looking forward to next year’s event. You can learn more about the event here.

14 07, 2016

An Efficient Way to Build Your Brand Presence Online

07/14/2016|Our Work|

A strong online presence. No matter the device. Sounds easy enough but when you consider your business goals, your current environment and a few key needs, it can be a daunting task. Here’s the good news: it is possible to create and maintain a strong online presence without shifting focus away from other needs, and without blowing your budget. After understanding your goals and what resources you already have, we can build a site, using an existing, responsive template. By adding your brand elements and original content, the site meets your needs and puts your business on the right path. Like other projects, we begin with a discovery process to create a content outline, identify photography needs, and outline the technical aspects. From there, we develop the site and one round of client review. The final step is launch. We’ll test the site, train your team on how to maintain it, and release it to your audience. This approach is very customizable, with the ability to add a blog feature and offer an array of hosting options. Working together, PLAY can help your team create an effective and affordable site, either for your general business website, a career-building site, product- [...]

2 05, 2016

A True Extension of Your Team

05/02/2016|Our Work, Our Work - Dynamic Print|

It’s not uncommon for us to meet with a business or organization who knows their story, understands how they need to communicate it, but who doesn’t have the resources on-staff to make it happen. And that’s okay. Our approach is a true partnership, where we combine strengths to deliver the materials you need to push the needle in the right direction. We team with the Nebraska Resource Project for Vulnerable Young Children regularly to provide the design expertise it needs to create pieces that educate, engage and ultimately bring people together. We take their content, edit it and format it using graphics and photography to best express a particular message. From a multiple page booklet to trifold brochures and dynamic mailers, we serve as a design arm to help organizations like this take their marketing efforts further.

26 04, 2016

Putting Your Story in Print.

04/26/2016|Our Work, Our Work - Dynamic Print|

Southeast Community College (SCC) in Milford has a truly unique story to tell. And as it reached its 75th anniversary, leaders recognized the need to share its history in a 20-page booklet. Images of years gone by provided the right backdrop for its story that includes many “firsts” for the state of Nebraska. SCC provided our team content, including copy and images. Then the PLAY team developed a strategy and creative theme to bring the story to life. We designed a booklet that seamlessly weaves photography from every era with narrative that’s easy to read and gain a clear understanding of how important SCC has been to furthering education and preparing individuals for life-long careers. With any business or organization, there comes a time when your story needs to be told. The PLAY team can help identify the best way to express your history, milestones and vision for the future. We work with clients to determine how we can help create the right platform for your needs, whether that means design-only or a comprehensive booklet solution, from copy to creative to design and delivery.

9 03, 2016

Bringing Our Clients’ Stories to Life

03/09/2016|Our Work, Our Work - Financial|

Whether we’re creating a brochure or a dimensional parcel, we see each project as more than words on paper. We approach each project acting as an extension of our client’s design team. We take on projects they either don’t have time for or can’t take on internally. Rather than just taking copy and dropping it into a layout, we consider how each piece can impact their business. With this in mind, our process begins and ends with the end user. We focus on the details, how the user will interact with the piece and best utilize the information. Our layouts support the copy and bring key points to life. And to further enhance the user experience, we often create an infographic to help simplify the details. Using images, illustrations or photography, we can create engaging art that strengthens the content and often leads to greater results. Take a minute to check out our work to see how we help brands express themselves through thoughtful design and infographics.

10 02, 2016

Effective Design Within Every Fold

02/10/2016|Our Work|

Not every project is a fully integrated campaign. But every project is an opportunity to take a different perspective. And in this case, it was also an opportunity to showcase a specific neighborhood of the city we call home. We recently partnered with NeighborWorks Lincoln, a non-profit organization dedicated to revitalizing Lincoln neighborhoods, to help raise awareness for a specific Lincoln neighborhood. Creating an engaging print piece, we were able to showcase the myriad of shopping and dining experiences in the North 27th District. This brochure is given to area residents and used as a selling piece for the more than 70 businesses in the area. The tri-fold brochure featured simple, benefit-driven copy and a map of the area. By color-coding the business types and adding dimension to the map, users could quickly and easily find a particular store or restaurant or get an at-a-glance view of everything the North 27th District has to offer. This colorful brochure demonstrates the wealth of culture and opportunities of the neighborhood. This is just one example of how PLAY’s experience with design and print campaigns supports initiatives of all sizes.

10 11, 2015

Give the Grinch Himself a Grin: Send a Dynamic Holiday Card this Season

11/10/2015|Our Work, Uncategorized|

Who can’t describe the standard holiday card? Some snow, some lights, brief wishes for a merry season. Well-wishes are nice, but our designs have a bit more sparkle to offer. Legacy Retirement Communities approached PLAY for a card that not only sent a serene holiday message, but also gave residents a gift to hold onto. Our design conveyed a simple wish for peace. On the back panel, perforated cardstock invited recipients to pop out and assemble a small Christmas tree. With a slip of ribbon, the tree easily transformed into an ornament. Holiday cards too often land a dusty spot on the fireplace mantle, but our card led back to the celebration. Legacy was thrilled, and recipients enjoyed their ornaments throughout the season. Add a bell or whistle to your card this year and give those you value an extra dose of cheer.

24 03, 2015

Promoting Cybersecurity with Print

03/24/2015|Our Work|

Back in the 90s (ah such simpler times), Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator 2 was all the cybersecurity we needed. Nowadays, cybersecurity means a lot more. We were excited when Infogressive approached us to help get their message out that cybersecurity is a service every company—big or small—needs. Our approach was to create a data sheet that explained their high quality and easily customizable services in a way anyone can understand. Our goal was to get the word out to small businesses that cybersecurity is something every business needs to invest in. We also aimed to let larger businesses know that Infogressive has the expertise and know-how to keep even the biggest accounts safe. There’s a lot of jargon to wade through when talking about cybersecurity and most people don’t know all the “computer-speak” involved. What most people do know is the importance of being secure on the internet and protecting their sensitive information. Anyone can fall victim at any time, from the big dogs to the local Joes, but getting the right message out to those who need it can be a little tricky. Small and local businesses are generally not able to hire in-house IT professionals, so they need to understand [...]

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