6 11, 2014

PLAYing Matchmaker

11/06/2014|Our Work, Our Work - Financial|

What's the connection between Jim Lange and Credit Union of America? The Dating Game of course! When CUA came to us, they needed to find a way to bring more outside customers in to open checking accounts, and to encourage existing members to open a checking account with them. But they wanted it to be fun and friendly, so we came up with "Financibility." Financibility is financial services and compatibility combined, showing that Credit Union of America is the right fit for every type of customer. Whether they're looking for security, friendliness, or convenience, Credit Union of America is exactly what they need in a financial institution. The biggest challenge in getting customers to switch checking accounts is the hassle of changing their automatic payments to their new accounts. Many people would rather stay with an inferior financial institution than switch to a better one just to avoid all that work. We took care of this by developing the "Switch Kit," a printable pdf form where potential members could fill in all of the information of all their automatic payments, and Credit Union of America would take care of the switch for them, taking away all of the hassle. In addition to [...]

27 12, 2013

New Year’s Resolutions

12/27/2013|Our Work|

Well, it’s that time of year again. A time to reflect on the previous year in order to make the upcoming one that much more successful. As a studio, we have come together and created our New Year’s Resolutions: […]

26 11, 2013

What Makes A Great Work Environment?

11/26/2013|Our Work|

Whether you are a small business or a titan of industry, having a workplace that employees enjoy coming into on a daily basis can truly make an impact on the quality of work being produced. Here is a list of our top 5 things businesses can do to cultivate a great place to work: […]

20 11, 2013

Native Marketing and Peer Conversations

11/20/2013|Our Work|

We are all familiar with how social media can impact companies. From mitigating negative publicity, to opening up a dialogue with loyal brand consumers, to pushing out messages of varying importance to the masses – social media vastly improves the efficacy of our industry’s communications. […]

25 10, 2013

Thomas Ellenbecker & Event Details

10/25/2013|Our Work|

The visual art of Thomas Ellenbecker is a documentation of his unusual life experiences which include extensive education in studio art production and theory. He has earned a Ph.D. in Art Education and a MFA in Visual Art. He produces limited editions of intaglio and lithographic prints in his personal studio on a press he designed and built. Bronze castings, oil paintings and precious metal jewelry are other visual forms created by Thomas. […]

17 10, 2013

Signed Ellenbecker Prints

10/17/2013|Our Work|

November’s First Friday artist Thomas Ellenbecker has announced he will be giving away 100 signed lithographs at the show! Each print measures 5 1/2” X 7 1/2” and will be given to attendees on November 1st, 2013 starting at 4:30 pm. Check our blog for more information in the coming weeks!

11 10, 2013

Introducing artist Thomas Ellenbecker

10/11/2013|Our Work|

We are very excited to announce Thomas Ellenbecker as our First Friday Artist for the month of November and will be updating our new blog with his work over the next few weeks. “I think of my lithographs as the result of image making. What I mean by this is that I have no preconceived image, the work simply evolves from an initial mark making process I utilize. Although I do focus on the human form, the content is the ambiguous narrative perceived by the viewer. This ambiguity allows the viewer to project their personal conditioning. I have found that any explanation offered regarding the content disrupts my intention as an artist. I consider my images' function similar to the Thematic Apperception Test images.” -Thomas Ellenbecker Ph.D., MFA PLAY Creative’s First Friday Artist (November, 2013)

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