22 12, 2017

A Logo Design 20 Years in the Making

12/22/2017|Our Work - Branding|

Unite Private Networks creates custom, high-bandwidth fiber optic communications networks, and they’ve been in business for 20 years. To honor their 20 year milestone, the company asked PLAY Creative to develop a mark that covers a few bases. UPN was looking for a mark that could be used with their existing logo, fit in with their brand and integrated actual elements of physical fiber networking hardware into the art. The linework mimics actual fiber lines and the use of three strokes is emblematic of the company’s physical infrastructure—multiple lines create network redundancy that actually adds security and reliability to the network. Of course, the mark had to work within UPN's established brand standards. These are precisely the kind of details that the PLAY team specializes in weaving into logos and other graphics. The process of crafting UPN’s 20-year logo is a great example of the mountains of communication, inspiration and iteration that goes into creating a mark that can exist within the context of an existing brand but still stand out.

29 08, 2017

Rock Your TASTE Buds!

08/29/2017|Our Work - Branding, Our Work - Campaigns|

Each year, thousands of people gather around various spots across the Midwest for food shows separately hosted by The Thompson Company, Braunger Foods, and Variety Foods. This year, parent company TOBA Inc., had something much bigger up their sleeve. TOBA approached PLAY with a sizable request, asking us to facilitate all the branding for the first event that would combine all the three companies food shows into one massive event. From beginning to end, this project was in our hands, quite literally. We began with a name concept, jumping around before finally landing on ‘TASTE!.” We selected this name as it embodied the event, yet also could last for years to come and various themes the event will showcase in the future. With 80’s arena rock favorite, Loverboy, headlining the show, a rock band concert theme was in the back of our minds, we just needed a clever way to integrate it across all medias. (Shown above: A few sketch examples of logo ideas that we later brainstormed and refined as a team.) (Shown above: The final logo we designed, developed font styles and color treatments.) (Shown above: The final icons we developed for each feature of the show.) The [...]

19 12, 2016

It All Begins with a Solid Brand Identity

12/19/2016|Our Work - Branding|

We’ve all been quizzed at one time or another: What do you think of when you see golden arches? What does the Nike swoosh represent? The list goes on. When done right, branding can help an organization create a position in the marketplace and make it stick. What people often don’t realize is the strategy and collaboration behind these outstanding brands. As a company driven by measurable results, PLAY Creative is focused on building brands that are supported by solid strategy and killer creative. Our service line includes Brand Development and Logo Development. Our approach to branding begins by dissecting a company’s existing mission/vision/values and then we dig into what your audience believes your brand to be, and what the organization believes its brand is or should be. After fully understanding where a company’s been, where it currently sits in the minds of its audience and where it wants to position itself in the marketplace, we get to work. Our team outlines a strategy and creates a brand identity that showcases the organization in a way that mirrors its goals. From tagline to logo to overall look and feel, we cover all the bases so that the newly developed brand [...]

16 02, 2016

Want a Memorable Brand? Be Consistent.

02/16/2016|Our Work - Branding|

Summary: Credit Union of America (CUA) has an established brand, however as new products and services are offered, the organization looked to PLAY to help it continue to grow without sacrificing brand recognition. Project: CUA wanted to promote its Certificate of Deposits, including three sub products that are directed to very different audiences. The organization asked PLAY to help establish a solution for promoting virtually any product, to any audience, without reinventing materials along the way. We recommended and developed a complete set of brand guidelines for CUA’s internal marketing team to use to produce materials for any product or service. The guidelines included approved templates and usage of: font types and sizes, logos, photography, body copy, color-coding per product line/audience, sidebars, patterns and more. This resource serves as a key resource for building consistency while clearly communicating to each CUA audience. To further help the brand, we also created layout scenarios, ad mock-ups and examples across several media. These pieces include: drive-up banners, online advertising, print, website images, lobby posters and more. Conclusion: These examples serve as templates to guide internal marketing efforts. Ultimately, CUA can use simple plug-and-play methodology to swap products and services as their marketing efforts [...]

31 03, 2015

99.999% Awesome!

03/31/2015|Our Work - Branding|

We love designing logos. It’s a way of taking all a company is—its culture, history, and goals—and condensing it into one symbol. So we were happy when our friends over at Five Nines came to us with the opportunity to redesign their logo. We figured we’d take this opportunity to give you a sneak-peek at our design process and what we take into consideration when creating a new logo. The name Five Nines refers to 99.999% uptime, which is the closest an IT company can get to perfection. It’s both a reminder of why they started the company and the type of service they strive to provide. With this in mind, we considered dynamic and upward-moving designs that would demonstrate where Five Nines comes from and where they’re headed. Their three-part motto—“Solve. Secure. Advance.”—was also a big inspiration. It gives insight into the process Five Nines follows and the results their clients receive. We came up with many different designs, but our “Rise” design is the one that made the cut. It exemplifies Five Nines’ roots, the company it strives to be, and its motto. Be sure to watch the Five Nines’ video unveiling their awesome new logo.