4 09, 2018

Diving Into Dynamic Print

09/04/2018|Our Process, Our Work - Dynamic Print|

We’re not shy about our gold medal-worthy skills with dynamic print design. And while we may not have had the budget to make a Rocky-style montage, we still wanted to give an inside look of how we turn our ideas into heavyweight dimensional paper champions. Wonderful Work Starts With Wonderful Clients Our friends at Legacy Retirement Communities definitely fit the bill of wonderful clients. LRC gives us the opportunity to flex our dynamic print design muscles by creating invitations to community events they put on throughout the year. Below you’ll see the process for designing the invitation to one of these events, the Terrace Town Carnival. It’s always a joy working with LRC because of how much trust they put in our creative process. With the Terrace Town Carnival invitation design, we had a simple design prompt: Make it fun. Phase 1: Brainstorm Everyone on the team brought ideas to the table for how to bring this carnival to life in paper form. Ideas ranged from a Ferris wheel to a full-on 3-D carnival tent to a megaphone or paper merry-go-round. This early in a dynamic print brainstorm, no ideas are off limits. In fact, we like to start with [...]

7 05, 2018

Crafting a VISA Credit Card Direct Mail Drip Campaign

05/07/2018|Our Work - Campaigns, Our Work - Digital, Our Work - Dynamic Print, Our Work - Financial|

  With the rash of credit card offers that come through your mailbox and inbox every week, promoting VISA products for our clients is a unique challenge. Competing for attention in a flooded market like credit cards is a different breed of advertising, and your priorities need to change a bit when it comes to marketing. It isn’t as simple as creating clear messaging and appealing graphics, and a thoughtful campaign strategy becomes crucial. Years of experience in this space have helped us refine our framework for credit card advertising. The key aspects we aim to hit are: Consistent communication Multi-channel marketing Targeted messaging Simplified, focused messaging Segmentation of audiences In other words, credit card campaigns are tailor-made for a mixture of print and digital advertising. With the digital side of things handled, we then got to focus on making a great print drip campaign. On the print side, we devised a direct mail drip campaign that would target two different groups. Mailing lists were provided by our client to help with segmentation, which allowed us to target their current members in addition to prospective members. The campaign consisted of six total mailers; three for the current members and three [...]

2 02, 2018

Selling Layers of Security with Layers of Paper

02/02/2018|Our Work - Dynamic Print|

The Kidwell team sought a printed piece to help market bank security systems that combat the increase in robberies at financial institutions in recent years. Kidwell’s goal was to sell remote access security systems to financial institutions. However, they had to overcome the notion that these heightened security measures would compromise a bank’s customer-friendly atmosphere. Basically, they feared that customers needing to be “buzzed in” or slide their bank card just to get into the lobby would be intimidating and deter visitors. The print piece we created would precede their sales calls to warm branch directors to the thought of a remote access security system. The challenge for the PLAY team became not just advertising a product, but doing so in a way that would help Kidwell’s sales team pitch a security system to their clients and ease their fear of creating an intimidating atmosphere in their bank or credit union branch. Since this type of sale was relatively uncharted territory for the Kidwell team, we needed to create effective sales pieces with very little direction. This project truly started from scratch, even from a strategy standpoint. It was a unique challenge, but we were lucky to have the Kidwell [...]

14 03, 2017

Making Your Brand Promise Stick Starts on the Inside.

03/14/2017|Our Work - Dynamic Print|

Customer service. It can make or break relationships, no matter how long someone has been a customer. This is especially true for the banking industry. Our client, Credit Union of America, has worked diligently to gain recognition for its brand promise of “Welcome to friendly”. This mantra guides how it creates products and services, as well as how its team engages with customers and prospective customers, beginning with the very first “hello.” In a recent project for CUA, we were asked to help the organization increase overall service satisfaction scores among credit union members. In addition, this project would help strengthen its customer-centric philosophy among its team in an interesting way. This project would reinforce expectations and give team members useful tools in how to interact with customers. The organization had created a booklet with similar content in the past but was looking to PLAY Creative to help enhance their approach. The result is a HELLO desk topper. This dimensional booklet is intended to give CUA team members quick access to useful tools that will help them create positive, memorable customer experiences. Our approach involved making playful use of a key word the organization stresses, which is “hello”. Much more [...]

1 02, 2017

Connecting Colleges and Students Through Strategic Campaigns

02/01/2017|Our Work - Campaigns, Our Work - Dynamic Print|

(Campaign design examples shown above: Postcard top left and a dynamic fold mailer design bottom right) When it comes to higher education, students have options. And when it comes to finding the right students, institutions face a few different challenges. Recruitment isn’t necessarily easy, which is why finding a partner who can help identify the right messaging and tactics becomes so important. We recently teamed with Southeast Community College (SCC) to help fuel its recruitment strategy. After learning about the school’s process and existing strategies, we went to work to develop a campaign strategy (Sample shown here of the the campaign development plan strategy) that included a mix of tactics and a schedule that would help strengthen the effectiveness of SCC’s message. Using a combination of emails and physical mailings, we can measure the effectiveness of both tactics, as well as specific messaging. From there, the campaign can be adjusted to enhance response rates. The first three months of the campaign included sending a series of emails and physical mailers to a prospect list provided by the college. Frequency was carefully executed, leading to each prospect receiving three emails and three mailers. Each piece included a strong call to action, [...]

3 11, 2016

Strategy and Design to Help Credit Union Members Freshen Up Their Rides

11/03/2016|Our Work - Campaigns, Our Work - Dynamic Print, Our Work - Financial|

Earlier this year, Mainstreet Credit Union approached PLAY Creative to relieve some of the pressure its marketing team was feeling. Its marketing director recognized that the team had an abundance of work, with very little breathing room. But there was more work to be done — so PLAY was brought into the fold as an extension of the Mainstreet Credit Union team. Mainstreet Credit Union recognized a need to reach out to those customers nearing the end of an existing auto loan. This was the ideal time to begin communicating with these customers about opportunities for low-rate loans for a newer vehicle. The key to success for this campaign was reaching this audience at specific timeframes, before their loan was completed. Research says that 36 months is a typical lifespan of an auto loan, meaning that most people have their vehicle paid off within a 36-month timeframe. This knowledge helped PLAY develop a strategy that included a series of mailers, being sent automatically at 24, 30 and 36 months. The campaign included a series of three mailings: 24 months focus - postcard; 30 months focus - pop-up mailer (Shown below); 36 months focus - a second dynamic mailer. The campaign featured [...]

31 10, 2016

All Hail the Power of Print

10/31/2016|Our Work - Dynamic Print|

Digital marketing is fast and accessible. But touching a screen or keyboard cannot give you the same experience as paper. Or plastic. Or some other dimensional material. Uncoated. Linen. Perforated. When you communicate with print, you open the door to engagement. Someone examining it is far more likely to hold onto whatever was delivered to them. Brazil’s Companhia Athletica gym used print to address declining membership and class participation. The company realized that many members were becoming frustrated by the notion of a quick-fix for a fitter physique. To re-engage its audience, the company created two calendars, featuring a male and female form. As each month was flipped, the silhouette became smaller and more fit. This print piece not only created an opportunity to engage with the audience, it also served as a reminder that long-term health and fitness comes with time and dedication. Placed in each gym location and given to its membership, Companhia Athletica used an everyday print piece (and an action versus content) to make a meaningful connection with its membership. While the Companhia Athletica print example was a one-hit solution, interactive print materials can easily fit within a more extensive campaign. If a campaign begins with [...]

18 05, 2016

Bringing An Online Experience Offline

05/18/2016|Our Work - Dynamic Print|

As the healthcare environment continues to evolve, providers, pharmacies and anyone else involved in an individual’s health and wellness, continue to look for ways to streamline communication to improve outcomes and lower costs. To help, NetSmart created CareManager, a care coordination software solution. Supporting patient-centered care, CareManager aggregates clinical data, creating an overview of health at the population level. It also facilitates care coordination across an individual’s providers, tracks clinical quality measures and outcomes and manages authorizations and claims across care providers. Furthermore, patients have the ability to access their personal records at any time, empowering them to take an active role in their health. So where do we come in? PLAY partnered with NetSmart to develop a dynamic mailer that would educate key audiences about the CareManager product. We developed a plan for customizing the mailer to best meet the needs of those we were reaching out to. This included: stakeholders, CEOs, and program directors for health systems organizations, pharmacies, primary care practices, substance use centers, health departments, and others, at the state and national level. The parcel mailing played off key benefits of the CareManager software: “Coordinating care” and “Focusing on individual health”. Playing off the user experience [...]

2 05, 2016

A True Extension of Your Team

05/02/2016|Our Work, Our Work - Dynamic Print|

It’s not uncommon for us to meet with a business or organization who knows their story, understands how they need to communicate it, but who doesn’t have the resources on-staff to make it happen. And that’s okay. Our approach is a true partnership, where we combine strengths to deliver the materials you need to push the needle in the right direction. We team with the Nebraska Resource Project for Vulnerable Young Children regularly to provide the design expertise it needs to create pieces that educate, engage and ultimately bring people together. We take their content, edit it and format it using graphics and photography to best express a particular message. From a multiple page booklet to trifold brochures and dynamic mailers, we serve as a design arm to help organizations like this take their marketing efforts further.

26 04, 2016

Putting Your Story in Print.

04/26/2016|Our Work, Our Work - Dynamic Print|

Southeast Community College (SCC) in Milford has a truly unique story to tell. And as it reached its 75th anniversary, leaders recognized the need to share its history in a 20-page booklet. Images of years gone by provided the right backdrop for its story that includes many “firsts” for the state of Nebraska. SCC provided our team content, including copy and images. Then the PLAY team developed a strategy and creative theme to bring the story to life. We designed a booklet that seamlessly weaves photography from every era with narrative that’s easy to read and gain a clear understanding of how important SCC has been to furthering education and preparing individuals for life-long careers. With any business or organization, there comes a time when your story needs to be told. The PLAY team can help identify the best way to express your history, milestones and vision for the future. We work with clients to determine how we can help create the right platform for your needs, whether that means design-only or a comprehensive booklet solution, from copy to creative to design and delivery.

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