15 03, 2016

A Helicopter in the Making

03/15/2016|Our Work - Dynamic Print|

Like any other marketing project, dynamic print pieces begin with an idea. From that idea we put together words, phrases and sketches. Each component is analyzed, edited and pushed until we have a solid concept that meets the client’s goals, both strategically and creatively. Once the graphic concept of a piece is sketched, we begin to manipulate the paper, creating and reworking folds and diecuts until we get it just right. The image below demonstrates the evolution of a paper helicoptor. Moving left to right it demonstrates how an idea is brought to life from sketch to final product. From refining the landing gear to adjusting the weight distribution to testing various paper weights… we approach each project with the same attention to detail and creative gusto. See other examples of dynamic print solutions to learn more.

23 02, 2016

Taking Budgets Further for Non-Profits

02/23/2016|Our Work - Dynamic Print|

Local charitable organizations often have limited resources, especially when it comes to their marketing efforts. However, with a little creativity it’s possible to develop engaging campaigns to help spread their message without sacrificing valuable dollars. PLAY recently teamed with the Foundation for Lincoln Public Schools to raise awareness and funds for its Student Emergency Fund. As part of its winter appeal, the organization needed to effectively educate its audience about the program, who it serves and why these funds matter. As an appeal, the marketing piece needed to provide information for donations, including a return envelope. The PLAY team developed a dynamic mailer that showcased the positive nature of the program. As a multi-piece mailing, it included a letter, bookmark, postcard and return envelope. Each piece shared varying elements of the program, such as student success stories, examples of how the funds are used and how the program functions. Simple, clean and upbeat, the dynamic mailer is an example of how budget-constrained non-profit organizations can look beyond traditional marketing methods to create engaging and memorable marketing materials.

9 11, 2015

Zoom In on an Inventive Campaign

11/09/2015|Our Work - Dynamic Print|

How do you educate a busy facility manager about security cameras quickly enough to get your sales team in the door? Can you convince a security manager to open the mail in the first place? These are just two of the challenges the PLAY Creative team encountered during a recent Kidwell dynamic box mailer campaign. Not only did our team exceed our client’s expectations with inventive design, we thrived in the process. Read more about this successful campaign in our Case Studies.

20 10, 2015

Going for the extra point with prospective clients.

10/20/2015|Our Work - Dynamic Print|

Breaking the ice. If you think about it, we all have a way of making a connection with someone new. For our team it means presenting our expertise in a fun and engaging way. To break the ice, we create dynamic pieces you can actually PLAY with. Our “Smart Calling” process starts by qualifying a potential client. We want to make sure that we’re talking to the right people and that we’re presenting information that’s useful to them. Then we reach out, introduce ourselves and offer a meeting to get to know each other better. Sometimes it’s difficult to make contact with a prospective client via phone or email. In those cases we turn to dynamic pieces that provide insight into who we are in a fun, meaningful way. We refer to this stage of the process as seeding, and one example is our most recent “Field Goal” mailer. When folded, prospects see a simple half-fold with a teaser statement placed boldly on the cover. Upon opening, they’re invited to partake in a game of flick football, where a paper football – our business card – is “kicked”, using a finger, through the pop-up field goal. Within five days of [...]

10 09, 2015

Reaching Larger Audiences Through Interactive Print Design

09/10/2015|Our Work - Dynamic Print|

When it comes to video surveillance, seeing is believing. So when Kidwell tasked us with creating an informative parcel to support the efforts of its sales team, providing information in an intriguing, impactful way was key. Kidwell’s IP-based video surveillance systems create high-resolution imaging so that employers can clearly keep an eye on their business at all times, from their office or smartphone. This advanced technology is integrated directly into a company’s current network setup, making it a safer and more reliable solution. Using elements from the Kidwell website, PLAY developed an interactive box that showcases key features and benefits of IP-based surveillance video solutions. Words like “focus” and “all angles” introduce each layer of the dynamic mailer as it unveils each reason why a company should consider this security solution. First, viewers open a flap to see similar illustrations from the Kidwell website, which directly outline the brand’s focus, including high-resolution cameras, remote viewing, IP network integration and professional installation. From there, a pull tab takes them to an interactive booklet that speaks more directly about IP-based video surveillance. Once the booklet is removed from the box, viewers are encouraged to request an on-site demo and seek additional information [...]

14 04, 2015

Engaging Your Senses Through Dynamic Print

04/14/2015|Our Work - Dynamic Print|

Good print unfolds like a good conversation. One that engages you, grabs your curiosity, isn’t long winded, listens to your desires, and closes in a saavy way, leaving you with something to hold onto. It plays with your senses, and invites you to invest your emotions in it. The piece featured below is a direct mail piece that does just that. It's a piece we developed for Gotcha Covered. Their goal was to market to specific audiences and engage them not only to learn more about Gotcha Covered, but to respond by setting up a free consultation. Print vs. Online: There is a reason that the web is referred to as the “information highway.” You’re there to get to a destination, making brief stops here or there. The ads that you see are much like signs along the road… You’re going 80 in a 75, are you going to remember what they look like? They are information, yes, but they are gone in an instant. Print stays with you. It travels with you in your pocket… in your purse… in your briefcase. It allows you to hold on to it for the time when you need to reference back to [...]

26 11, 2014

Our Legacy of Work

11/26/2014|Our Work - Dynamic Print|

The Legacy Retirement Community is an assisted living community dedicated to helping the elderly of Lincoln live healthy and fun lives in their advancing age. They genuinely care about their tenants and go the extra mile in making sure they are happy and comfortable, providing meals prepared by 5-star chefs, live music performances, game nights, shopping outings and more. The Legacy Retirement Community is one of our most loyal and treasured clients. We have worked with them since 2010, making a variety of wonderful pieces that we're very proud of. This year was no different. We produced six awesome and creative pieces that we're excited to show you. From industry events to family gatherings, we've helped The Legacy reach more potential residents and become a part of their communities at all four of their locations. The Arbors - Wine and Cheese Event The Arbors is a facility developed by The Legacy specifically to help those who need memory care support. Serious effort goes into keeping it up to date and comfortable, requiring help from other companies like Hospice Care. Those companies deserve recognition and appreciation, so a party was thrown in their honor with wine, snacks, and music. To promote this event, we designed invitations that [...]

6 10, 2014

Thrive With PLAY

10/06/2014|Our Work - Dynamic Print|

Last month the PLAY Team undertook a project to help our sales staff interact more efficiently with prospective clients. The project was to help them qualify prospects so they could focus more on turning them into leads and booking meetings. The campaign was successful, so we thought we’d show it off! […]

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