3 11, 2016

Strategy and Design to Help Credit Union Members Freshen Up Their Rides

11/03/2016|Our Work - Campaigns, Our Work - Dynamic Print, Our Work - Financial|

Earlier this year, Mainstreet Credit Union approached PLAY Creative to relieve some of the pressure its marketing team was feeling. Its marketing director recognized that the team had an abundance of work, with very little breathing room. But there was more work to be done — so PLAY was brought into the fold as an extension of the Mainstreet Credit Union team. Mainstreet Credit Union recognized a need to reach out to those customers nearing the end of an existing auto loan. This was the ideal time to begin communicating with these customers about opportunities for low-rate loans for a newer vehicle. The key to success for this campaign was reaching this audience at specific timeframes, before their loan was completed. Research says that 36 months is a typical lifespan of an auto loan, meaning that most people have their vehicle paid off within a 36-month timeframe. This knowledge helped PLAY develop a strategy that included a series of mailers, being sent automatically at 24, 30 and 36 months. The campaign included a series of three mailings: 24 months focus - postcard; 30 months focus - pop-up mailer (Shown below); 36 months focus - a second dynamic mailer. The campaign featured [...]

9 09, 2016

Does Your Credit Union Have A “Design Arm?”

09/09/2016|Our Work - Financial|

Chances are, your internal team could use some help when it comes to developing tangible marketing pieces for your branch locations. When you team with PLAY, we can become the “design arm” of your internal team. Our artists are well versed in creating pieces that capture the attention of your audience while upholding your brand standards. The options are virtually endless, ranging from print ads to dynamic mail pieces, lobby displays to desk toppers. From initial idea to final execution, we can help support your marketing plan with intriguing tangible marketing elements.

2 09, 2016

Got a Budget? We Can Work With That.

09/02/2016|Our Work - Financial|

We believe any good partnership starts by being transparent. Our core products, those tactics that are used most often, have flat fee-based pricing. However, we often work with custom budgets and are more than happy to talk through your needs and budget to gain a full understanding on how to best partner with your business. So why fee-based pricing on some pieces? There are certain pieces that most credit unions implement, which means we have extensive experience in working with these pieces and can complete these projects in an efficient timeframe without sacrificing quality. Essentially, we’d like the opportunity to sit and chat with you about the core needs of your credit union and your key initiatives moving into your next fiscal year. Through open conversation about your business, we can provide better recommendations and more effective solutions — on budget.

2 09, 2016

Our Process and How We Align with You

09/02/2016|Our Work - Financial|

Mi casa es su casa. Okay so we’re not inviting you home but when we partner with a business, we take that role very seriously. We see ourselves as a true extension of your team, collaborating with you on strategy, messaging and other components of your campaign. Many of our clients utilize our project management system, Mavenlink, where they can access every project, their tasks, timelines and status. Using this resource they can communicate with us at any time using the message board feature of Mavenlink or email. Working together, we can build stronger campaigns that help you make a genuine connection with your audience.

2 09, 2016

What Does Your Brand Say About Your Credit Union?

09/02/2016|Our Work - Financial|

Believe it or not, there are those who believe a single logo defines their brand. In reality, every piece of communication that’s put in front of your audience is a piece of your brand. So whatever you put out there needs to be a clear (and correct) depiction of who you are as a company. In addition to your logo, we’ll work closely with you to develop a complete brand guide. This handy tool helps your internal team build consistency across all media. We take time to think through all facets of your brand personality, including tone and voice, key messages, brand attributes, color palette and other elements that make up your brand. With a brand guide close by, you can make sure your brand is presented the way it should be… every single time.

2 09, 2016

A Creative Theme Brings Your Campaign Message to Life

09/02/2016|Our Work - Financial|

When it comes to your marketing plan, you don’t have to go it alone. As your partner, we work side-by-side to fully understand your position in the market and your goals. Tell us your plan and we’ll share our ideas on how to begin your campaign with a solid strategy. That’s right, we work with marketing directors to develop a strategy first, and then get to work on the creative. With a clear strategy in place, PLAY gets to work on developing a theme that will carry your campaign. Each theme is the result of a group of creative minds coming together to brainstorm interesting and eye-catching ways to express your message to a particular audience. We’ll share a few concepts with you and your team and once a theme is approved, either the PLAY team will get to work on executing each piece of your campaign or we can turn it over to your internal team. See how we’ve developed creative themes that resonated with audiences and helped our clients reach their goals.

19 08, 2016

We’re Built To Align With Credit Unions

08/19/2016|Our Work - Financial|

There’s something to be said for being part of something. Working together. Letting voices be heard. Creating opportunities that support everyone’s success. It’s what you do as a credit union. And it’s why we like working with you. Since 2009, PLAY Creative has teamed with credit unions to help consumers know and understand the value of becoming a member. We have studied how credit unions function, and continue to work next to leaders, board members and front line staff. The more we learn, the more engaged we’ve become with credit union leagues… In fact, we’re now members ourselves. Our knowledge goes well beyond simply talking the talk. Equal parts creative and analytical, the PLAY team is all-in. We have actively engaged in conversations and research to understand EHL and NCUA regulations so that the work we do is right the first time. Of course, no two credit unions are alike, but with more than seven years of focus on this market, we’ve seen what marketing strategies work and what doesn’t. Our experience with working with credit unions is balanced by marketing savvy that brings a fresh perspective to your communications. Take a few minutes to check out some of our [...]

9 03, 2016

Bringing Our Clients’ Stories to Life

03/09/2016|Our Work, Our Work - Financial|

Whether we’re creating a brochure or a dimensional parcel, we see each project as more than words on paper. We approach each project acting as an extension of our client’s design team. We take on projects they either don’t have time for or can’t take on internally. Rather than just taking copy and dropping it into a layout, we consider how each piece can impact their business. With this in mind, our process begins and ends with the end user. We focus on the details, how the user will interact with the piece and best utilize the information. Our layouts support the copy and bring key points to life. And to further enhance the user experience, we often create an infographic to help simplify the details. Using images, illustrations or photography, we can create engaging art that strengthens the content and often leads to greater results. Take a minute to check out our work to see how we help brands express themselves through thoughtful design and infographics.

1 12, 2015

Let’s PLAY a Round: Generating Fresh Concepts that Bring Your Campaign Full Circle

12/01/2015|Our Process, Our Work - Financial|

Striking a balance between the stability of consistent branding and the need for innovative ads is a constant marketing challenge. Re-thinking elements as rudimentary as the name of a service can be crucial to a successful campaign. This year Credit Union of America (CUA) asked PLAY Creative to rethink a stock service of the financial industry: checking accounts, and to give it a fresh message. Our task began with campaign development. The PLAY team met with CUA marketing experts to understand precisely whom they were trying to reach and explore questions such as: is the smart phone the new wallet? The brainstorming process was collaborative and centered on the premise that actually writing a check appealed to an aging consumer demographic. With a joint decision to forefront smart phones in the graphic imagery, and to use both print and video advertisements, the teams landed on the tagline, "It’s for you." This tagline seamlessly ties the account to phone use— "it’s for you," we say, as we hand our brother the telephone—while highlighting new checking services and adaptability for younger demographics. CUA Checking isn’t your grandmother’s check-centric service. To develop the campaign we worked from the ground up and traveled to CUA [...]

5 11, 2015

An Ivy League Print Piece for CUA

11/05/2015|Our Work - Financial|

PLAY Creative provides branding for Credit Union of America (CUA). Chartered in 1935, and originally named "Wichita City Teachers Credit Union," CUA's initial membership was exclusive to teachers. It wasn’t until 1974 that the current name was adopted and membership opened to non-educators. Recently CUA reached out to its original member base—teachers—and asked PLAY to create a mail piece with educator appeal, while adhering to the CUA brand’s look and feel. Our task was to create an ad offering a $100 bonus for teachers and school staff who open a new checking account, and to get that ad into teachers’ hands. We hit the books to design a dynamic pop-up piece with the headline: Looking for extra credit? When recipients open the mailer, they encounter additional bold copy and a green $100 bill pop-up. To ensure teachers received this message, we didn’t simply send them through the mail; we placed them in teachers’ drop boxes where they were sure to be picked up. Not only was CUA pleased with our creative design and distribution solution, they received a great response from educators. Our dynamic mailer made gaining teacher accounts as easy as ABC.

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