17 04, 2018

Just For Fun

04/17/2018|PLAY Culture|

It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day grind here in agency land. With a decade of business under our belts here at PLAY, we’re all too aware of how important it is to remember to have fun with design. That’s why we’re so committed to taking creative breaks for fun projects, even if it’s not a paid gig. Our whole team is pretty darn fond of the Tavern on the Square and we’re also big fans of brunch. So when it was time for a little creative break, designing a poster for the annual Brunch on the Square series was a no-brainer. We flexed our creative muscles with some free brainstorming and uninhibited sketching, which is basically a designer’s dream come true. To the left, you can see our final concept sketch and the final product. Making work that’s entirely speculative and unprompted also helps us keep our skills sharp for the times when similar jobs come along. It’s our goal to always be fresh and ready for opportunities when they arise.

17 04, 2017

We’re On The Move!

04/17/2017|PLAY Culture|

Our team is excited to announce our office will be moving out of our current location and into a brand spanking new space at the end of this month (A little under 2 weeks!). Turbine Flats has been our home for the last 9 out of our 10-year history. We’ve had one heck of a ride here and we’ll take some pretty amazing memories with us. During our move we’ll still be putting ideas in flight, just with a fresh view. Beginning this May, you can find us dreaming, creating and making marketing fun at our new address, which is just five minutes from downtown. New PLAY Creative Address: 5001 NW 1st Street, Ste. 9 Lincoln, NE 68521 Ph :: 402-235-1328 Moving Day: Our office will be closed on April 27th at 2:00 and April 28th all day to move all our items to the new office. Our goal is to be fully operational by May 1st (The following Monday). If you can’t reach us by phone for some reason don’t hesitate to drop an email.

9 02, 2017

Time Flies When You’re Creating Fun

02/09/2017|PLAY Culture|

They grow up so fast. And by “they” we mean our business. Ten years ago we launched PLAY into the world with our minds set on creating an organization built on FUN. A place where each team member truly enjoys coming to work each day. Where the act of creating the work included fun and creativity. And where our clients would feel welcomed at all times. Our vision was, and still is, to make marketing fun. And so far, we’re doing a pretty good job at it. Our journey has been a fun and challenging ride, and we’d like to take this opportunity to reflect on how it all came to fruition: Our name is our mission. Choosing a name for your business is not an easy feat. However, we focused on keeping it simple and to the point. Our main goal was to make marketing fun, bringing a sense of “play” into everything we do. Our founders, Aaron and Adam, are both artists and were driven to combine their passion for illustration and design with marketing. PLAY was our opportunity to create interactive print pieces that our clients’ audiences could enjoy. A location to reflect our vision. From the [...]

9 12, 2016

PLAY Recess: A Near-Escape

12/09/2016|PLAY Culture|

The PLAY team regularly takes time for “recess” or activities outside the office that help us get to know one another and build teamwork. Our most recent outing was a little more challenging than previous excursions but a growth experience nonetheless. We began our recess with a late lunch at local favorite, Blue Blood Brewing Co., and then made our way to LiCastro’s Lair Room. In this escape room experience, we had to work together to find and solve clues that would allow our team to “escape” before time was up. We laughed, scratched our heads, and ultimately found ourselves stuck. While we didn’t beat the game, it was an incredible team-building exercise for everyone at PLAY.

16 11, 2016

PLAYtime: Recess

11/16/2016|PLAY Culture|

All work and no PLAY makes for a less cohesive team. We’re a team of professionals who believe in working hard but also see value in making a conscious effort to build strong relationships. This philosophy can be seen in how we work with our clients, our vendors and the members of our team. In fact, we believe so firmly in creating a little “PLAYtime” that we’ve initiated a regular recess into our week. The rules of our recess are loose, but the intention remains clear. Whatever activity or outing we participate in, we do it together and with a focus on getting to know one another better. These activities have helped showcase hidden talents, special interests and much more. Believe it or not there are weeks when we’re not all in the office at the same time. When our schedules just can’t work out, we plan a Friday Afternoon Club (FAC) at one of our local favorites, which includes HopCat, Cultiva, Zipline, Scooters, and many more.  Most recently, our recesses have included a Candy Day in honor of Halloween and a Grilled Cheese Bar to help us get excited about the upcoming cooler temperatures. The week of Halloween, each [...]

28 06, 2016

Ideas Crafted With Pen and Paper

06/28/2016|Our Process, PLAY Culture|

Think about your high school or even college days for a minute. Not so much the extra curricular activity part but sitting in class as your teacher droned on about rocks or some philosopher from way back when. If you’re anything like our designers, you were doodling. Your notes were overtaken by sketches. Animals. Aliens. You name it. They were drawing it. And they still are. When we talk about building handcrafted campaigns, we mean it. Most of our work begins with paper and pen. Whether it’s phrases or images we’re doodling, many of our meetings involve holding up a notebook to share what we’ve drawn. It’s this collaborative spirit that drives our creativity, and it’s very much a part of the PLAY culture. When an idea has staying power, it’s transformed into marketing pieces that seamlessly marry creative thinking with marketing strategy.

10 05, 2016

June 3rd Zine Show at PLAY

05/10/2016|PLAY Culture|

We’ve been whipping up designs for our June 3rd Zine Show. In case you’re not familiar with zines, here’s a quick (and certainly incomplete) hiztory! Zines—think magazines—are self-published booklets. As printing methods became more accessible in the last 300 years, so did self-publishing. In the 18th century a zine (aka pamphlet) titled “Common Sense” helped spur the American Revolution. In the 20th century zines played a part in growing punk, feminist and science fiction sub-cultures. These widespread roots live on in contemporary zine-making, joined by growing interest in graphic design and artists’ book samples. Most zines contain writing, drawings and/or collage. They can be political or ridiculous, beautiful or hideous. They can be all at once! On June 3rd PLAY Creative will host a First Friday event featuring zines created by PLAY staff and our friends. We hope you’ll stop by, have a beer, and read a zine or two! Here's a sneak peak of a our zines-in-progress.

17 03, 2016

Corned beef, beer…and scarves!?

03/17/2016|PLAY Culture|

When it comes to celebrating, regardless of the occasion, the PLAY team is all in. Our crew, sporting varying shades of green, took on St. Patty’s Day with gusto. We strolled into Tam O’shanters over lunch to indulge in corned beef and cabbage and enjoy some Irish beer. Coming back to the office stuffed and a festive spirit, we realized one member of our team was left behind. PLAY veteran, Heineken, missed out on the feast but he would not miss out on the fun. Pooling resources, our pup now dons a warm, green scarf. The cohesiveness of our team is restored, and another successful team outing is in the books.

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