29 08, 2014

Employee Spotlight: Will Schneider

08/29/2014|PLAY Culture|

Q: What’s your role at PLAY? A: I let people know how PLAY can help develop and grow their business. Our awesome team creates things that grab attention and produce results. I simply let them know that they can grow by using our services! Q: What’s your day-to-day look like? A: Generally my day is spent on the phone speaking with people or sending emails. On a good day I have time to help the team in their quest to accurately complete the community crossword puzzle. Q: What’s your favorite part about your job? A: My favorite part about the job is meeting new people who do different things. I find it fascinating to learn what others do in the world. Also, I like telling them about the really cool things we create. I genuinely think the pieces we make are fun and I like showing them off. Q: What do you do in your spare time? A: In my spare time I hang out with my family. I'm getting married on Oct 17th, so I enjoy being with my fiancé and her kids. I like running, playing piano and playing guitar at my church. Of course, watching a good show [...]

7 05, 2014

First Fridays with PLAY: Tom Meyers (June 6th)

05/07/2014|PLAY Culture|

You’ve seen his work throughout Lincoln – chalkboards filled with vibrant imagery paired with clean type that adorn the menu boards of your favorite restaurants and bars. Daily specials depicted in a realistic fashion make you double take to assure yourself you aren’t seeing things. He is one of Lincoln’s most known unknown artists, and his name is Tom Meyers. […]

11 04, 2014

Employee Spotlight: Colby Angst (Business Development)

04/11/2014|PLAY Culture|

Below: Rooney's first painting, Nebraska Wesleyan mug, REF 534 hair cream, metal beard comb, iPad 2 16GB, iPhone 4S 32GB, Apple ear buds, Gerber Artifact Multitool Key Chain, Movie Poster by Claudia Varosio. Q: What would you say...you do here? A: The billet is 'Business Development.' My main priorities are to ensure that the company achieves the financial and growth goals. This includes setting internal procedures and creating new ways to create partnerships and revenue streams. Without a dedicated account manager, I mostly fulfill that role in ensuring that we continue great relationships, our clients are happy and we are constantly exploring new partnerships and applicable markets. When I was hired, Aaron Petersen told me that PLAY prides itself in 'doing cool sh** and generating money.' I do my best to continue that. Q: What do you like to do in your spare time? A: I spend as much time as I can at home. Spending time with my wife Jessica and daughter Rooney is often hard with my schedule. Whenever there is a break in my schedule I focus on them. For leisure, I spend time remodeling our new home, experimenting with smoker recipes, digging for music and reading. [...]

13 03, 2014

Employee Spotlight: Heineken (Chief Morale Officer)

03/13/2014|PLAY Culture|

Photo: King Size bed, blankie, artisan dog bones, iPhone 5C, Macbook Pro, Snacks, party hat, breath mint, icy beverage, my own dog,  car keys. Q: Favorite Things to Do in Your Spare Time? Spare time…interesting concept. You know, I’m typically pretty busy. I guess if I do ever have a free moment I like napping, eating different foods, exploring, barking at random noises, sleeping, pretending to sneeze so I get attention, and uh… well, sleeping. […]

17 02, 2014

Employee Spotlight: Emily Yoble (Designer)

02/17/2014|PLAY Culture|

Emily Yoble | Designer | Lincoln, NE Photo: Beautiful Valentines flowers from Mr. Aaron Jarzynka, Pantone solid coated swatch book, my favorite PRINT magazine, Jolly Ranchers (watermelon, blue raspberry & grape), screen cleaning cloth, wireless Apple keyboard, wireless Apple mouse, 1TB external HD, “RoyBan” sunglasses, Sony headphones, Fabriano grid notebook, .03 mm drafting pencil, retractable eraser, iPad mini with Retina Display, iPhone 4S, & English Teatime Tea. Favorite Things to do in Your Spare Time: I just moved into a new place with Aaron Jarzynka a few months ago, so a lot of our spare time has been spent checking out vintage shops for sweet furniture or doing DIY projects. When we aren’t doing that you can usually find me binging on Netflix, catching up on all the Oscar nominated flicks, grabbing drinks with friends, getting lost on design blogs or hanging out with my two cool cats Molly & Moe. […]

10 01, 2014

Employee Spotlight: Ben Boomer (Copywriter & PR)

01/10/2014|PLAY Culture|

Ben Boomer | Copywriter & PR | Lincoln, NE Photo: iMac, iPhone, Sennheiser HD 280 Pro Headphones, Nessian Asp Magic Card, Original Art by Cheryl Boomer (hi mom!), Trophy, AP Stylebook, Elton John Mug. Q: What’re some of your top hobbies? A: Traveling (New Zealand, Australia, Mexico, Oregon, Washington, Kansas City, Chicago), reading, music production, Khan Academy, Steam and Web development. […]

6 12, 2013

Employee Spotlight: Peter Worth (Designer)

12/06/2013|PLAY Culture|

Above: 5.5” x 8.5” sketchbook, wireless Apple keyboard, wireless Apple mouse, 320 GB external HD, bamboo plant, Christmas coffee mug (present all-year round), Pantone uncoated color bridge swatch book, 2HB pencil, non-Exacto brand knife, a red Starburst candy, Tech Deck mini skateboard, iPhone 4s, Beats By Dre headphones, metal ruler. On top of iMac: PLAY Creative bi-wing plane, bazooka army man. Q: Favorite Things to Do in Your Spare Time? A: Spare time? Well, I suppose when I find some, I enjoy getting lost on the Internet, people watching, doing crossword puzzles, making weird faces, listening to music, collecting art, watching television shows, cooking with Lisa and subsequently eating, hanging with my cat Mona, and… drinking. Q: Favorite project you’ve worked on at PLAY so far? A: The confection invite for Legacy Retirement Communities was pretty fun. I got to draw copious amounts of cupcakes. […]

14 11, 2013

Employee Spotlight: Matt Donovan (Web & Video)

11/14/2013|PLAY Culture|

Matt Donovan | Web Developer/Interaction & Video Producer | Omaha, NE Photo: 27″ iMac, Apple 2TB Time Machine, iPhone, Tec Dec, Rachel’s Jalapeno, Hot Tea Q: What’re some of your top hobbies? A: Hiking in Colorado, Scuba Diving (Belize, Honduras, Grand Cayman), Riding my bike (Cannondale Quick CX 3), Spending time with family & friends. […]

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