Connecting Colleges and Students Through Strategic Campaigns


(Campaign design examples shown above: Postcard top left and a dynamic fold mailer design bottom right)

When it comes to higher education, students have options. And when it comes to finding the right students, institutions face a few different challenges. Recruitment isn’t necessarily easy, which is why finding a partner who can help identify the right messaging and tactics becomes so important.

We recently teamed with Southeast Community College (SCC) to help fuel its recruitment strategy. After learning about the school’s process and existing strategies, we went to work to develop a campaign strategy (Sample shown here of the the campaign development plan strategy) that included a mix of tactics and a schedule that would help strengthen the effectiveness of SCC’s message. Using a combination of emails and physical mailings, we can measure the effectiveness of both tactics, as well as specific messaging. From there, the campaign can be adjusted to enhance response rates.

The first three months of the campaign included sending a series of emails and physical mailers to a prospect list provided by the college. Frequency was carefully executed, leading to each prospect receiving three emails and three mailers. Each piece included a strong call to action, sending prospective students to the website to inquire for additional information. These pieces encouraged prospective students to contact the school as the next step. Within the first three months of the campaign, a mix of roughly 750 emails/mailers were sent resulting in 100 responses, which is a 14 percent return.

At various points in this campaign, evaluations are put into place. This includes members of the SCC team calling prospective students from the original list and determining if they should remain on the mailing list, or be taken off. This checks and balances approach further enhances the potential success of the campaign.

The SCC campaign is ongoing, scheduled to last 12 months. At the conclusion of the campaign, we will evaluate its effectiveness, including messaging, design and execution. Depending on its results, the campaign could continue as-is or re-launch with revisions based on the criteria previously listed.

Simply put, in addition to developing creative solutions, PLAY works with our clients to create and implement campaigns that generate measurable results. Whether a campaign is designed to last three, six, or even 12 or 18 months, we can help colleges and universities put a plan in action that helps them make a connection with prospective students, ultimately elevating their recruitment strategies.

We’d love the opportunity to share even more insight into our approach for supporting your recruitment efforts. Contact us to learn more or to set up a meeting.