Creative Share

09/25/2014|New Technology|

Every Wednesday at PLAY, we huddle up for ten minutes to discuss creative work we’ve seen recently that inspires us. Sometimes it’s great design, a television ad or a really clever marketing strategy. Seeing as it’s Wednesday, we thought we’d share a few of our favorites with you. Here it goes:

A Powerful Collaboration- Television Advertising  

Gatorade pieced together an emotional and inspiring tribute to a legendary New York Yankee. Derek Jeter announced his retirement this week and Gatorade answered back with a television spot showing the baseball star meeting and greeting his loyal fans on the streets of New York. Take a look.



 Fundraising Uniquely- Stunt Advertising

DePaul U.K. is a charity that benefits the homeless of the United Kingdom. When the new iPhone 6 was released, DePaul U.K. volunteers camped at the Oxford Circus Apple Store in London out in order to receive a prime spot in line. The spot was then sold for $734, iPhone 6 not included. All the proceeds were donated to the organization.



Living Walls Around Construction Zone- Design

Walls were put up in east London to hide the construction currently being done on the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Stadium. Instead of leaving the walls blank and boring, a few talented individuals turned them into works of art. The finished product is worth a glance: