Credit Union of America’s Pairings Spell Success

If you remember a few weeks ago, we showed you all our Financibility campaign videos for Credit Union of America. Now we return with our heads held high in success!

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 3.37.24 PM

To refresh your memories, Credit Union of America approached us to help them open more checking accounts with both existing CUA members and non-members. We created a campaign with the theme of couples and compatibility, much like the old Dating Game game show. We filmed TV ads and distributed Switch Kits, kits that helped people easily move their automatic payments to their new CUA account, as leads in the campaign, along with email ads, radio spots, and web banners.

In only two short months, Credit Union of America has met their goals thanks to our Financibility campaign! And they haven’t just achieved their target, they overachieved, with more than half of their branches getting over 100% of their goal! We’re incredibly proud of ourselves and Credit Union of America for executing such a successful plan!