Design Blogs to Follow

05/15/2014|New Technology|

Design is a huge piece of what we do at PLAY. It’s important to us not only to exercise our own skills, but also to be knowledgeable and up to date on what other designers are creating. Plus, it’s cool to look at.

There’s a number of design blogs on the Internet. So many, in fact, that sifting through them can be daunting. We’ve asked our designers, Emily and Peter, to offer suggestions on which blogs are the best follow. Here’s what Emily had to say:

“Finding a few blogs that you can frequent is a great way to keep your design fresh, and push yourself to do better work.

“The design blog I frequent the most is DesignWorkLife.com. What I like about this particular blog is that it encompasses so many different avenues of design. I can get something different everyday, anything from an article on a company rebrand, to an inspiring instagrammer, or even an interview with a ‘Badass Lady Creative.’ It pushes me to continue to hone my skills and drives me to become a better designer every day.”

Peter had a few to add to the list:

“One I really enjoy is designspiration.net.. It is a site full of all aspects of design ranging from lettering & illustration to logos & photography. The site is user-friendly and searches can easily be refined to topics that interest you. I can get lost for hours on this site.

“Another site that I enjoy is fontsinuse.com. It shows various typefaces and how they are used in the “real world”. There are examples of products, advertisements, packaging, etc. It helps give designers a feel for how type choices can look in certain environments.

“One more is dribbble.com. This site is a sort of show-and-tell for designers. Artists post work-in-progress shots of projects they are working on and receive feedback from fellow designers. There are a ton of talented designers & illustrators on this site, which always makes a solid place for inspiration.”