Reebok knows that CrossFitters Love Bacon

11/20/2014|New Technology|

It’s only slightly hyperbolic to say that everyone loves bacon.┬áSome of bacon’s biggest fans are the CrossFit community. So when Reebok wanted to tap into the CrossFit market, they knew their opportunity would be hosting the 2014 CrossFit Games. And to ensure the CrossFit community would be on board, they sent out the greatest gift of all: bacon.

Reebok Bacon


Sent to notable CrossFit athletes and community members, the Reebok Bacon was prepared in accordance with the “Paleo Diet,” a diet followed by many CrossFitters, was uncured and contained no msg, sweeteners, nitrates, or preservatives. Those who received the packages were encouraged to share it with friends and talk about it on social media.

On top of the boxes sent out, Reebok hosted a Reebok Bacon food truck that served paleo-friendly entrees featuring their signature bacon. A secret menu was also available, promoted through Reebok’s social media pages. When one of these special dishes were ordered, the customer would also get a special prize.

By tapping into the core of their target demographic, Reebok was able to capture the hearts and minds of the CrossFit community by harnessing the atmosphere of their audience. This campaign is so deliciously clever that you can almost smell the bacon cooking!