Don’t Count Print Out

12/11/2014|New Technology|

We’ve disputed the claim that print is dead before on our blog, but we never miss an opportunity to remind everyone that print advertising is still one of the most potent forms of advertising. An article was published on the site Business 2 Community that further exalts PLAY’s favorite medium.

Print P

The article touches on 6 powerful traits of print advertising, including direct mail personalized mail, custom die cut pieces, custom printed materials like t-shirts, keychains, and more, and the powerful union between social media and print advertising.

Among the things mentioned, the vast flexibility and customization of print is a major point of the article. Print pieces can be cut into an incredible amount of different shapes and folds, as well as made to incorporate several pages in inventive ways to simulate everything from a restaurant to a TV. Beyond that, the recipient’s name can be inserted into key points in the copy to help the piece feel personalized and help customers establish a more potent emotional connection to the piece as well as the company that sent it.

At PLAY, we love to create cool new die lines to make our print pieces interesting and eye-catching. We develop die lines for pieces that allow them to be folded into castles or fit together like building blocks or even cause a coin to flip when you open a letter. We know print is still thriving and so are we, which we can use to help our clients’ businesses.