Employee Spotlight: Emily Yoble (Designer)

02/17/2014|PLAY Culture|

Emily Yoble | Designer | Lincoln, NE
Photo: Beautiful Valentines flowers from Mr. Aaron Jarzynka, Pantone solid coated swatch book, my favorite PRINT magazine, Jolly Ranchers (watermelon, blue raspberry & grape), screen cleaning cloth, wireless Apple keyboard, wireless Apple mouse, 1TB external HD, “RoyBan” sunglasses, Sony headphones, Fabriano grid notebook, .03 mm drafting pencil, retractable eraser, iPad mini with Retina Display, iPhone 4S, & English Teatime Tea.


Favorite Things to do in Your Spare Time:
I just moved into a new place with Aaron Jarzynka a few months ago, so a lot of our spare time has been spent checking out vintage shops for sweet furniture or doing DIY projects. When we aren’t doing that you can usually find me binging on Netflix, catching up on all the Oscar nominated flicks, grabbing drinks with friends, getting lost on design blogs or hanging out with my two cool cats Molly & Moe.

Cool Trends You’ve Noticed in Design Lately:
I’m a sucker for hand lettering, and also a big fan of the flat design aesthetic. Those are probably my two favorite design styles right now. When it comes to Web, the responsive design movement has been awesome. I love learning how to design for new mediums and technologies.

Favorite Project You’ve Worked on at PLAY (so far):
This is a super difficult question for me. I feel pretty fortunate to work in an environment like Play. I’ve been able to be lead designer on a lot of big campaigns, Web projects and branding projects. I love having a lot room to flex my creative muscle.

I’d say my top 3 favorite projects so far have been The Exchange which was a branding project for a local residential development going up downtown, a website design for Unabridged Software (which won a Special Recognition from Awwwards.com!), and a game app called Livin’ the Dream where I got to design 5 different game apps that involved a lot of illustration and hand drawn type.

What’s your favorite part about working at a place like Play?
I think my favorite part about working at a small shop is having the opportunity to wear a lot of hats. I could be working on anything from a total ground up branding project, a dynamic website, designing print collateral or even concepting an upcoming video. The constant change is really fun and I love the challenge of learning something new everyday. Also the people I work with are pretty incredible.