Employee Spotlight: Heineken (Chief Morale Officer)

03/13/2014|PLAY Culture|

Photo: King Size bed, blankie, artisan dog bones, iPhone 5C, Macbook Pro, Snacks, party hat, breath mint, icy beverage, my own dog,  car keys.

Q: Favorite Things to Do in Your Spare Time?
Spare time…interesting concept. You know, I’m typically pretty busy. I guess if I do ever have a free moment I like napping, eating different foods, exploring, barking at random noises, sleeping, pretending to sneeze so I get attention, and uh… well, sleeping.

Q: Favorite Part of the Office?
One of the coolest things that takes place around the office is ‘Food Day.’ Everyone brings in some of their favorite foods, and I get to sample. I’ve had some pretty exotic stuff in my day: pineapple, crinkle-cut fries from Runza, popcorn and have even eaten two types of Doritos. It’s pretty awesome.

Q: Plans for Q2 of the Fiscal Year?
Money doesn’t matter to me. More importantly, last year’s head scratch numbers were a bit off (see: way too low). The plan is to really enforce mandatory head pats, scratches, belly rubs, post-lunch cuddle sessions and more. Also, we’re going to try and stop flipping my ears inside out. It’s embarrassing. I’m not Princess Leia.

Q: Is it True You Have a Chauffeur?

Height: 2 Hands
Weight: Approximately that of a roast chicken.
Length: Loaf of bread.
Hair: Salt and pepper with bits of auburn.
Boxers or Briefs?: Neither.
Eyes: Irresistible. (see below)