Employee Spotlight: Matt Donovan (Web & Video)

11/14/2013|PLAY Culture|

Matt Donovan | Web Developer/Interaction & Video Producer | Omaha, NE
Photo: 27″ iMac, Apple 2TB Time Machine, iPhone, Tec Dec, Rachel’s Jalapeno, Hot Tea
Matt's Desk

Q: What’re some of your top hobbies?
A: Hiking in Colorado, Scuba Diving (Belize, Honduras, Grand Cayman), Riding my bike (Cannondale Quick CX 3), Spending time with family & friends.

Q: Favorite projects (so far)?
A: Video shoot for the TOBA Food Show, Website and Photo shoot Kidwell, Jaeger Law Office website, which just won an AIGA award!

Q: Most recent book you read?
A: Reread The Hobbit (a book I first read when I was 10 or so)

Q: Most exciting advancements within the Web world?
A: Better web standards across all modern browsers (looking at you Internet Explorer…), higher adoption rates for responsive design, responsive images (CSS4), new selectors (CSS4).