Exploring AdChoices

12/17/2013|New Technology|

Ever notice how you’ve gone to one website, engaged with some content, only to find an advertisement for the services you just looked at appearing on another website as an ad? Pretty interesting stuff. This service has been around for a number of years, and has people scratching their heads as to how it is possible.

The majority of these ads come from a cookie tracking service that enables its ad producer and aggregate, AdChoices, to produce targeted and tailored messaging campaigns based on a web consumers page visits and content engagement. This is called interest-based advertising, and it is here to stay.

You can recognize these types of ads by a little symbol  TriangleIconLargethat indicates it is part of the AdChoices network. By using your internet browsing history, ads are served up that fall into your interests based on what you’ve viewed in the past. Try it out for yourself: online shopping, airline tickets, general company information – these ads are all served up through the AdChoices network to give you a customized digital advertising experience.

Can you opt out?

Sort of. You can click the AdChoices icon to view settings for participating companies’ ads – you’ll have to opt out of every one you see to get them to stop – a bit easier said than done.

Check out the video below to learn more: