Going for the extra point with prospective clients.

Breaking the ice. If you think about it, we all have a way of making a connection with someone new. For our team it means presenting our expertise in a fun and engaging way. To break the ice, we create dynamic pieces you can actually PLAY with.


Our “Smart Calling” process starts by qualifying a potential client. We want to make sure that we’re talking to the right people and that we’re presenting information that’s useful to them. Then we reach out, introduce ourselves and offer a meeting to get to know each other better.

Sometimes it’s difficult to make contact with a prospective client via phone or email. In those cases we turn to dynamic pieces that provide insight into who we are in a fun, meaningful way. We refer to this stage of the process as seeding, and one example is our most recent “Field Goal” mailer. When folded, prospects see a simple half-fold with a teaser statement placed boldly on the cover. Upon opening, they’re invited to partake in a game of flick football, where a paper football – our business card – is “kicked”, using a finger, through the pop-up field goal.


Within five days of sending the mailer, we make another call or send an email as a follow up. In this case, we sent this unique mailer to 72 contacts. It led to eight meetings, which is an 11 percent return rate. Really, it’s a win-win for everyone… we get to meet with some incredible brands. They get to learn more about our services AND a fun new game for their desk.

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