Family Focus FCU AIMs For a Stronger Brand

Family Focus Federal Credit Union approached PLAY Creative in need of a brand overhaul. The credit union wanted a brand that reflects its mission of leading members away from debt and empowering them to reach financial prosperity, no matter their starting point.

The Family Focus AIM Program, brand and logo were born from this concept. The AIM brand concept was rooted in the fact that ‘taking aim’ only requires two things: a starting point and a goal.

The PLAY team wanted to kick off the new brand by engaging Family Focus members in the process of taking AIM at financial freedom. Each member’s goal is unique, but “aiming” shares a common meaning of claiming power in one’s situation, envisioning their future, and starting to work toward it.

A survey was crafted to place members in one of three financial phases rather than groups. Having ‘phases’ meant members would have a more clearly defined destination to work toward with their money.

As with all branding projects, the PLAY team constantly looked for ways for the brand to reflect Family Focus and its goals. The AIM concept was the result of research and brainstorming for an overall look and feel that communicated how the credit union always wanted to empower members to reach their financial goals. The three phases we developed help members envision that goal.

Development of the AIM program logo focused on three key concepts: ready, aim, freedom. Being “ready” means setting your eyes on the future, “aim” denotes the act of actually setting off on a path to your goals, and “freedom,” symbolizes the goal, or target.

It was important to the PLAY team for every facet of the brand, the logo, the location’s interior and the various media we built to continually mirror Family Focus and their vision. The logo symbolizes members’ momentum toward financial freedom taking flight while the site and the survey sought to reach members in an approachable, consumer-focused manner.

The program development included:

• Overarching message of all Family Focus products with creative copy
• New overall brand look
• New logo
• Brochure packet
• Lobby display signs
• Newsletter ad
• Online ad
• Design installation themes for branch interior and staff shirts
• Updates to the existing FFFCU corporate website
• Poster