Give the Grinch Himself a Grin: Send a Dynamic Holiday Card this Season

11/10/2015|Our Work|

Who can’t describe the standard holiday card? Some snow, some lights, brief wishes for a merry season. Well-wishes are nice, but our designs have a bit more sparkle to offer.

Legacy Retirement Communities approached PLAY for a card that not only sent a serene holiday message, but also gave residents a gift to hold onto. Our design conveyed a simple wish for peace. On the back panel, perforated cardstock invited recipients to pop out and assemble a small Christmas tree. With a slip of ribbon, the tree easily transformed into an ornament.


Holiday cards too often land a dusty spot on the fireplace mantle, but our card led back to the celebration. Legacy was thrilled, and recipients enjoyed their ornaments throughout the season. Add a bell or whistle to your card this year and give those you value an extra dose of cheer.