How We Keep Campaigns Fresh

Home Real Estate and Woods Bros Realty recently approached us with the opportunity to develop a fresh campaign strategy. When we approach projects like this, our process is to first identify the area of our client’s marketing strategies that need to be refreshed to meet their goals. Then we formulate the tools or tactics to fit within the developed campaign strategy.

Home Real Estate and Woods Bros Realty are sister companies who together make up the majority of the Lincoln real estate market. For both companies, we identified the opportunity to speak directly to each of their target audiences while strengthening their brand voice. To do this, we developed a unique, polished, and consistent theme for each company that compliments their current and previous marketing efforts.


For Home, we reworked their current brand colors and standards by adding elements that are directed more towards a younger audience. The elements we included in the design follow current design trends and are meant to make the main call to action really pop. For the content and call to action, we came up with the line, “Come Home to _________.” This blank can be filled in with whatever the realtor thinks will fit best—reliability, happiness, comfort, etc. It’s easily adaptable and can be used in many different contexts depending on what each Home realtor wants to communicate.


For Woods Bros’ approach, we kept their current brand colors and standards. We implemented larger and bolder font treatments and standards while focusing more on the call to action. Woods Bros offers three main levels of service—listing the house and getting the word out, helping to shape the house up and showing it to potential buyers, and ultimately closing the deal in a short amount of time. We used this service philosophy to develop the tagline, “Listed. Shown. Sold.” This line can be changed to any three-step part of the home buying or selling process and is just as versatile as Home’s line. In addition to strengthening Woods Bros’ brand voice, we also set out to boost their social media engagement using the #keyswithease giveaway, which will be promoted through all executions from radio to billboards. Clients who post about their experience with Woods Bros, tag their realtor, and use the hashtag are eligible to win a bluetooth key fob. We’ve already seen some good engagement with #keyswithease and we expect to see it grow even more.

Home and Woods Bros came to us for a strategy to build upon the efforts of their current marketing teams. By boosting their current design and copy as well as helping to develop a social media strategy, we created something both companies can really run with. We’re excited to see where Home and Woods Bros go with the tools we were able to provide them.