Improving SEO

05/21/2014|New Technology|

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There’s a lot of buzz around the term “SEO” right now. At PLAY, we understand that everyone wants to know how they can ensure their site will turn up in an online search. We thought we’d offer some quick tips for improving your search engine optimization:

1) Have a look over Google’s SEO standards and practices. This is really the ultimate guidebook in figuring out how to best improve your searchability. Use this, and you’ll be found easily.

2) Utilize an SEO plugin on your website’s CMS to manage SEO keywords and descriptions. Each page on your website should have a description of what exists on that page, so when it is indexed by search engines, it gives an accurate (and easier-to-find) snippet of content to display.

3) Use Web-friendly content, copy and accurate title tags. Put your writing skills to use to improve your SEO by name dropping your company, its type of work within its respective industry and make sure that your headline tags are used correctly.

4) Update your site often. Using a blog or an area where content is continuously updated helps search engines find your website; especially when the content uses your company’s name or has relevant content and tagged/named photos or videos.

Once you’ve gotten your content up to par, it is time to submit your site to the larger search engines. Use the following links to find out how: