Increasing Web Traffic and Accounts with an eStatement Mail Campaign


Shown above is a 3 piece direct mail campaign. Mailer #1 was a trifold that inserted into a custom printed envelope. Mailer #2 & #3 were 6″x11″ postcards.

Our Task:
A 2015 business goal for Columbus United Federal Credit Union (CUFCU) included growing e-Statement enrollment, which would:

1. Reduce expenses associated with producing paper statements, and 2. give customers a safe, convenient and faster delivery of bank statements.

Having strong member incentives, like monthly $50 VISA gift card drawings and a Dell laptop as the grand prize, PLAY created a campaign that launched in August 2015. The campaign kicked off with an introductory dynamic mailer, which was followed up by a series of two creative postcards. The clean, icon-driven design was carried over into supporting elements housed inside and outside of CUFCU locations. These included: drive-up envelopes, web banner, lobby signs, drive up signs, and tent cards for desks.


Shown above left is mailer #1, the trifold interior and back view. Shown above right is mailer #2 front and back.

On December 31, 2015, the e-statements campaign goal of 30% of online users stood at 27.7%, which Columbus United considered a great success. Overall, the total of e-statement enrollees for 2015 increased 63.7% from 1/1/2015-12/31/2015 due in large part to the focused campaign.