It All Begins with a Solid Brand Identity

We’ve all been quizzed at one time or another: What do you think of when you see golden arches? What does the Nike swoosh represent? The list goes on. When done right, branding can help an organization create a position in the marketplace and make it stick.

What people often don’t realize is the strategy and collaboration behind these outstanding brands. As a company driven by measurable results, PLAY Creative is focused on building brands that are supported by solid strategy and killer creative.

Our service line includes Brand Development and Logo Development. Our approach to branding begins by dissecting a company’s existing mission/vision/values and then we dig into what your audience believes your brand to be, and what the organization believes its brand is or should be. After fully understanding where a company’s been, where it currently sits in the minds of its audience and where it wants to position itself in the marketplace, we get to work.

Our team outlines a strategy and creates a brand identity that showcases the organization in a way that mirrors its goals. From tagline to logo to overall look and feel, we cover all the bases so that the newly developed brand can make a lasting impression on an audience.

As an example of our process for brand and logo development, we recently partnered with Greenleaf Properties to create a brand for a new development. After we defined the needs and goals for the property, the PLAY team studied the target audience, the location and the surrounding area. From there, we brainstormed names and possible directions for the overall look and feel of the property.

This project was unique in many ways, however, the most significant being its location. The property is the former home of Tastee Inn of Lincoln, an iconic fast food restaurant cherished by generations of residents and visitors. We kept in mind the history of the site throughout our brainstorming session and collaboration with Greenleaf Properties.


As ideas were fine tuned and funneled down, we were able to develop a complete brand identity that brings the essence of the property to life. This includes naming the property Square at 48 (Shown above). The name brings together location and purpose for the property to create a fun balance of lifestyle and business. In addition, it opens the door to future expansion and opportunities within the area.

Logo usage example

Graphically, we aimed to support the clean, straightforward name. The square features an arrow-like extension, which is reminiscent of a “pin” on a map as well as a talk bubble. Not only does this mark showcase location, it also begins to cast light on the collaborative, social aspect of the property. This modern interpretation of an art deco design is recognizable and easy adapts to various forms of signage and marketing materials. Ultimately, the brand brings new life to the iconic location. See other examples of how PLAY brings brands to life.

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