Our Legacy of Work

The Legacy Retirement Community is an assisted living community dedicated to helping the elderly of Lincoln live healthy and fun lives in their advancing age. They genuinely care about their tenants and go the extra mile in making sure they are happy and comfortable, providing meals prepared by 5-star chefs, live music performances, game nights, shopping outings and more.

The Legacy Retirement Community is one of our most loyal and treasured clients. We have worked with them since 2010, making a variety of wonderful pieces that we’re very proud of. This year was no different. We produced six awesome and creative pieces that we’re excited to show you. From industry events to family gatherings, we’ve helped The Legacy reach more potential residents and become a part of their communities at all four of their locations.

The Arbors – Wine and Cheese Event


The Arbors is a facility developed by The Legacy specifically to help those who need memory care support. Serious effort goes into keeping it up to date and comfortable, requiring help from other companies like Hospice Care. Those companies deserve recognition and appreciation, so a party was thrown in their honor with wine, snacks, and music.

To promote this event, we designed invitations that followed the theme of the party, specifically wine and relaxation. These invitations were hand-delivered to the companies that assist The Arbors in maintaining their high standards of excellence in care. The Wine and Cheese event enjoyed a healthy 32% response rate thanks to our efforts.

The Legacy Terrace and Legacy Estates – Legacy of Learning


The Legacy of Learning program was a series five of classes and talks to help the elderly and their caretakers realize that just because a person is getting on in years doesn’t mean that their lives are over. Each one of five classes had a specific purpose, from training and sharpening one’s mind to preparing healthy yet delicious meals to easy exercises that help an older body stay limber. Professionals in their field were brought in to talk on these topics to residents of the Legacy Terrace and Legacy Estates, as well as anyone from the nearby community and those who had expressed interest in Legacy living before. These lessons showed not only that life can be fun and healthy at an advanced age, but also that The Legacy was the best place to get this type of living.

In promoting these talks, we created a mailer that encompassed all five events, but was designed to highlight each event individually. A packet was mailed out to the nearby neighborhood and prospective residents that contained five separate cards that detailed the five events. They were bright and uniquely colored to catch the eye of the recipient, as well as designed to be mounted on a refrigerator or cork board in a family home as a reminder. In addition to the packets being mailed out, individual cards for specific upcoming events were handed out to attendees at Legacy Signature Events. The five events individually saw as high as a 5% response rate.

The Legacy, Legacy Terrace, and Legacy Estates – Patio Party


The annual patio party at three of the four Legacy locations is a very special gathering. It allows those who live near The Legacy as well as those who have expressed interest in Legacy living to see beyond the walls of the building itself. These parties allow visitors to see the fun of living in The Legacy Retirement Community. The parties feature outdoor food and gathering, prepared by the 5-star chefs employed by The Legacy. Visitors got to see the beautiful landscaping of the Legacy, including a duck pond, a variety of gorgeous trees, and wide-open green spaces.

To promote the patio parties, we devised a rather clever plan: we created a single, multi-use outer shell for our mailer in the theme of a cheeseburger picnic, capturing the fun and outdoors of the Legacy parties. But to make sure each invitation would work for each of the three parties, we developed three different inserts, one for each of the three parties. Depending on who the mailer was going to, an insert relating to the appropriate Legacy location was put into the outer shell. By doing this, we were able to spread the word about the three parties without having to develop three separate mailers. We also developed a web banner to advertise for the parties as well as creating a new Facebook cover photo for the Legacy’s Facebook page. Through this combined media campaign, we had around 450 attendees for each of the parties, which is good on its own but even better when you consider we sent out 400 mailers!

The Legacy – Confection Celebration Banana Bonanza mailer


As a Legacy Signature Event, Confection Celebration is a yearly event that brings the community surrounding the Legacy together for a night of delicious sweets and treats. The 5-star chefs employed by The Legacy bring out their A-game when creating delicious desserts for guests, such as luscious chocolate fondue and bombastic bananas foster. Beyond the amazing food, these events give community members and potential residents the chance to take a tour of The Legacy and see what Legacy Living is all about. Guests are encouraged to walk the halls and see all of the wonderful amenities The Legacy offers to its residents as they nibble on delectable delicacies.

In marketing this event, we knew we had one focus: the delicious treats of course! And what better front man for this band of bodacious bonbons than the big man himself: bananas foster? Our design revolved around this flammable foodstuff, with a picture of a burning banana right on the front of the invitation. Recipients of the mailer, those who lived in the areas near The Legacy and had expressed an interest in Legacy Living, were instructed to peel the banana itself, interacting with a party invitation in a way they never had before. We combined this with appearances on morning radio talk shows to promote the event, as well as an ad in the Neighborhood Extra of the Lincoln Journal Star and a new Facebook cover photo for the Legacy’s page. When all the bananas were eaten and the dust settled, we found that the event had enjoyed a hearty 29% response rate.

The Legacy Estates – Chef Fest


Another Legacy Signature Event, Chef Fest is when the 5-star chefs who work at The Legacy really get their chance to shine. Preparing delicious entrees like shrimp scampi and beef bruschetta, they are able to really show off their culinary chops to party-goers. Even the head chef cut loose and carved a piano from a single block of cheese! There is no limit to the capabilities of The Legacy’s team of chefs, which is why they love to invite people in to show them off to potential residents of The Legacy Retirement Communities.

When you’re putting on an event of this culinary caliber, what more do you need to tell people? Our invitational mailers went for that exact angle: at The Legacy, you or your aging loved one will experience a new world of yummy morsels, even if they are getting on in their years. The mailers, designed on a unique die-cut and featured a theme reflecting the bevy of dining options, were sent to the neighbors of The Legacy locations and people who had been looking into Legacy Living. We combined this with appearances on morning radio talk shows to promote the event, as well as an ad in the Neighborhood Extra of the Lincoln Journal Star and a new Facebook cover photo for the Legacy’s page. Our efforts saw a return rate of 31%, a party almost as full as the guests’ stomachs!

The Legacy Terrace – Town Carnival


The Town Carnival at The Legacy Terrace is the third Legacy Signature Event. Instead of focusing just on potential residents and their caretakers, the Town Carnival is a show for all ages. Featuring bounce houses, clowns, a classic car show, and all the fair food you can eat off a stick, the Town Carnival is the epitome of Legacy’s fun living. Attendees tour the facility, visiting different attractions as they move from location to location and seeing the joys of Legacy Living firsthand while eating corn dogs and funnel cakes and more.

When we were tasked with promoting Legacy’s big top event, we embraced the carnival feeling and took it to the next level. Our mailer was themed after the classic carnival feeling of flashy tents and delightful rides, everything you remember as a child from your summers at the fair. But on top of that, we made our mailer more interactive by featuring not one, but two layers of fold-out design, keeping the users more interested and for longer. The mailers were sent to specific families who had been looking into Legacy Living recently as well as a large number of people from the surrounding communities. We combined this with appearances on morning radio talk shows to promote the event, as well as an ad in the Neighborhood Extra of the Lincoln Journal Star and a new Facebook cover photo for the Legacy’s page. Thanks to our mailers, the Greatest Show on Earth saw a 24% response rate, nothing to throw peanuts at!