Let’s PLAY a Round: Generating Fresh Concepts that Bring Your Campaign Full Circle

Striking a balance between the stability of consistent branding and the need for innovative ads is a constant marketing challenge. Re-thinking elements as rudimentary as the name of a service can be crucial to a successful campaign. This year Credit Union of America (CUA) asked PLAY Creative to rethink a stock service of the financial industry: checking accounts, and to give it a fresh message.

Our task began with campaign development. The PLAY team met with CUA marketing experts to understand precisely whom they were trying to reach and explore questions such as: is the smart phone the new wallet? The brainstorming process was collaborative and centered on the premise that actually writing a check appealed to an aging consumer demographic. With a joint decision to forefront smart phones in the graphic imagery, and to use both print and video advertisements, the teams landed on the tagline, “It’s for you.” This tagline seamlessly ties the account to phone use— “it’s for you,” we say, as we hand our brother the telephone—while highlighting new checking services and adaptability for younger demographics. CUA Checking isn’t your grandmother’s check-centric service.

To develop the campaign we worked from the ground up and traveled to CUA offices in Wichita to direct a staff photo shoot and commercial filming. We used those images and CUA branding elements to create print ads, location-specific mailers, a handout for teachers, a POS display, Lobby posters, drive up banners, POS display handout cards and digital ads. Whew! As checking services expanded, the tagline’s versatility showed its enormous importance. SnapCheck, It’s for you. CardLock, It’s for you. CUA, It’s for you.

Both classic and fresh, the campaign was a success, and this new tagline has been easily incorporated into subsequent promotions.