Making a Microscopic Difference

11/13/2014|New Technology|

How do you get your product in front of scientists who have their face up to a microscope lens all day? You make your product get down to their level. That was the thought behind 3M and Maruri Grey’s 500 Nanometer Mailer campaign.

3M nanometer

Production giant 3M needed to get more scientists in Ecuador using their Petrifilm brand microscope sample plates. But most labs were sticking with brands they had been using traditionally for quite some time. Maruri Grey had to get creative in order to sell them their product. So they used a powerful laser to create a sales pitch that was only 500 nanometers tall. If you’re not familiar with nanometers, the message was 0.0005 centimeters tall or about the size of a single bacterium.

Promotional mailers were sent out to Ecuadorian biology labs, complete with sample Petrifilm plates with a message inscribed on them in microscopic scale. The message promoted how efficient the plates were, shaving off 4 seconds per procedure and providing a 45% increase in overall productivity in laboratories that used them.

After the mailers were sent out, recipients were interviewed about the minuscule mailers. They found that the scientists were delighted and surprised to see a message on a scale they had never seen, or even thought about, before. 87% of all laboratories to which the mailers were sent converted to using the 3M Petrifilm plates in their day-to-day usage, which was a huge sale 3M.