Making Your Brand Promise Stick Starts on the Inside.

Customer service. It can make or break relationships, no matter how long someone has been a customer. This is especially true for the banking industry. Our client, Credit Union of America, has worked diligently to gain recognition for its brand promise of “Welcome to friendly”. This mantra guides how it creates products and services, as well as how its team engages with customers and prospective customers, beginning with the very first “hello.”

In a recent project for CUA, we were asked to help the organization increase overall service satisfaction scores among credit union members. In addition, this project would help strengthen its customer-centric philosophy among its team in an interesting way. This project would reinforce expectations and give team members useful tools in how to interact with customers. The organization had created a booklet with similar content in the past but was looking to PLAY Creative to help enhance their approach.

The result is a HELLO desk topper. This dimensional booklet is intended to give CUA team members quick access to useful tools that will help them create positive, memorable customer experiences. Our approach involved making playful use of a key word the organization stresses, which is “hello”. Much more than a friendly greeting, this word serves as a reminder of how team members should engage with one another and customers.

Our team reviewed the existing content and used that as a foundation to create the desk topper in a way that showcased “hello” in a fun, meaningful way for staff. Establishing an acronym for this word further strengthened the goal of this project by giving it a visible presence throughout, which also made it easier for team members to remember key strategies for delivering on the brand promise. Playful icons and minimal content further support the goal of the desk topper.

Often times we’re tasked with helping organizations focus their efforts on an external audience, however, this project served as a clear reminder that internal teams really represent the soul of that organization. Helping them live by the brand promise can elevate experiences for both internal and external audiences, both of which have a positive impact on the organization.

Begin thinking of how we can help boost your internal efforts.