Meet the Team

Heineken Petersen

Heineken Petersen

Chief Morale Officer/Miniature Pinscher

Heineken made a major career pivot in 2007, joining PLAY as Chief Morale Officer. At 105 years old, he’s the elder statesman of the PLAY office and spends most of his time sleeping, which tends to conflict with his role as office security. Hailing from Winterset, Iowa, Heineken was homeschooled and spent his whole career in security before joining PLAY in 2007.

Job Role
  • Office security

  • Team morale

  • Idea creation

Points of Interest
  • Loves camping because it lets him get back to his wolf roots

  • Breathes loudly

  • Is a very good boy

  • Favorite words are “ride” and “go”

  • Aggressively demands belly rubs

  • Prefers to sleep under the covers in his dog bed

  • Once ate a dead bird but prefers table scraps and occasionally cat food, which he steals from his cat housemate Pandora