Meet the Team

Liz Rudloff

Liz Rudloff

Project Manager

Liz joined PLAY Creative in 2016 after working in project and brand management and keeps the office running smoothly and efficiently. Originally from Shelton, Nebraska, Liz earned her degree in advertising from the University of Nebraska in 2014 and specializes in client relations, social media, budgeting, communication and workflow.

Job Role
  • Manages new projects and change requests

  • Assists in strategy

  • Organizes daily jobs from concept to finish

Points of Interest
  • Reads AdAge and listens to Girl Boss, The Pitch and How Stuff Works religiously

  • Lives at the gym doing bootcamp

  • Spends lots of time with her husband Jesse and Quinn, her 2-year-old human child

  • Has no cartilage in her nose and loves the smell of paper (think the JC Penney catalogue your mom got in the 90s)

  • Lasted less than a week detassling corn at age 13 in Shelton, Nebraska

  • Loudly cracks her knuckles approximately 500 times a day.

  • Favorite meal is Drunken Noodles with Scallops from Blue Orchid in Lincoln

  • Once went to a Kesha concert when she was still “Ke$ha”

  • Biggest pet peeve is people overusing “y’all”