Nuvali’s Edible Invitations

10/16/2014|New Technology|

On the island of Luzon in the Philippines, in the province of Laguna, there is a town called Calamba. In Calamba, there is a revolutionary new community called Nuvali, focused on sustainability and harmony with nature.

One of their biggest attractions is a man-made lake inhabited by thousands of koi fish. To get people and businesses talking about their new community, they sent out invitations to visit. But instead of sending out cards that would just be thrown away, they took a different approach: They made their invitations out of a special blend of materials that are entirely digestible by the fish. Not only that, but they made six different styles of invitation themed after the six most numerous breed of koi in the lake. So when visitors would come to see the new community, they could feed their invitations piece-by-piece to the koi, making happy fish instead of wasted paper.


nuvali invite picture


This is an impressive idea that drives home the feeling of harmony and balance that Nuvali is embracing as a community. Going the extra mile and theming the invitations after the different breeds of koi in the lake to educate visitors about the koi gives it even more impact. The campaign brought in “hundreds of foot traffic” to help promote families to move in and businesses to set up shop in the Nuvali community and embrace a balance with nature. To learn more about Nuvali, click here.