Our Web Development Environment | PLAY Creative

06/05/2014|New Technology|

Web development comprises a large amount of our work here at PLAY. Every business, both large and small, should consider a website or an updated standards-compliant website so they can be found easily. We’ve recently implemented a new development environment within our Web department that makes coding a more approachable task for our complex site builds.

1) Bootstrap 3 allows us a framework to produce responsive sites by utilizing a library of variants. These variants are intuitive, and allow our developers to ensure every component on a website will fit the device it is rendered on, whether it’s a large-screen desktop, laptop, tablet (in portrait or landscape mode) or a mobile device. This latest version of Bootstrap also allows for CSS preprocessor support for popular preprocessors such as LESS and SASS.

2) LESS gives CSS a more powerful and extended reach when it comes to styling a website. With variables, mixins, functions and other techniques, our CSS can be more customizable and friendly when it comes to complex style-intensive developments.

3) CodeKit is a small bit of software that comes with a large impact on how we develop. By leveraging the power of CodeKit, we are able to compile ALL of our local development files and view a live-edited version of a site while it’s still being coded. It’s powerful, inexpensive, and saves us time when building out complex projects.

So what does this all mean? It means that the custom and complex sites that PLAY creates are manageable by our team in a streamlined process that ensures your site looks great, functions as expected and will catch the attention of your visitors.