Pay Attention To The Man Behind The Curtain

10/30/2014|PLAY Culture|

At PLAY Creative, we take pride in our work and have fun with it too. So when we were setting up to shoot a video spot for our client Credit Union of America, we thought we would set up an extra camera that would film the team instead of the actors.

Our behind-the-scenes camera was set up to record the effort and creativity that goes into setting up and shooting our commercials so you get a real understanding of everything our team can do. Then we sped it up a bit to make sure you didn’t have to devote your lunch hour to watching our team get the set going for a commercial shoot. We love sharing our process with you so check out the backstage video and then the commercials that came from all that effort!

CUA • Commercial Setup Time-lapse from PLAY Creative on Vimeo.