The Pies Have It

12/18/2014|PLAY Culture|

At PLAY, we are proud of our open workspace. It helps us feel more connected as a staff and lets ideas flow easily between us to grow and improve. One of those ideas recently was Pie Day. While we were working, the topic of best kind of pie came up in the discussion. Almost everyone had their personal favorites, we decided to have a pie day, where everyone would bring in their favorite kind of pie and we would all eat all the kinds of pie and decide once and for all the best kind of pie.

Now, traditionally Pie Day, or rather Pi Day, is on March fourteenth, because 3/14 is like 3.14. But with the help of some iffy math, we figured out that December 10th is 3.14 months before 3/14, so we declared that our Pie Day. The day came and we had quite the bounty.


We had key lime pie, blueberry pie, pecan pie, and strawberry rhubarb pie, plus whipped cream and two kinds of ice cream! By the end of it, all the votes had been cast and the winner was decided: Us. Admittedly, it didn’t settle the argument but we were too happy to care. Another wonderful day at PLAY.