PLAY Around Town

11/21/2016|Our Work|

Spreading a little PLAY across town.

While we have a special knack for dynamic handcrafted print campaigns, the PLAY team’s talent extends into all facets of communications. And if you look around the next time you head downtown or even venture out on 84th Street, there’s a good chance you’ll see some of our work.

Starting downtown, you might see our Zipline Brewery poster from the Beer Nebraska event, which was held earlier this fall. This project included iconography and graphics that brought together the local music scene and area brewers.


Then heading across town, you’ll see billboards showcasing (2016 loan campaign shown above) Lincoln First Credit Union on 48th and 84th Streets. These easy-to-spot pieces complement the company’s brand and help support its messaging. Further adding to its appeal to families, Lincoln First Credit Union also sponsors the play zone at Gateway Mall (Shown bottom of page). It’s bold brand elements and messaging can be seen from corner to corner of this unique area of the mall.


One brand that can be seen everywhere is Apple Roofing. We had the opportunity to brand this incredible business and develop their logo. Who knows, the next time you find yourself sitting at a stoplight, our work might be in the next lane.

We’re excited to have the opportunity to help our clients spread their brand across Lincoln, or any other community they’re working in. So while you’re out and about, take a look around. Chances are pretty good there’s a PLAY project close by.